Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sniffing vs shooting

Apparently shooting wins.

My past and I know that I don't mind injections (10 year old Punde is horrified by that statement). And my nose and I are in complete agreement, snorting things up said nose is hurty and sometimes ineffective. I have always had a stuffy nose and now that I am supposed to be absorbing an essential drug through my mucus membranes I have realised exactly how much of the interior of my nose is mucus and how much is membrane. The ratio is low people. So upon the advice of one of the lovely IVF nurses I shall be swapping over to Lucrin when I begin the Gonal-F. Two injections a day and hopefully my poor sore crusty nose will recover from the Synarel trauma.

Next week brings me to the end of data collection for my project thankfully. It has been a long 10 weeks and I am exhausted from it all. Bring on the beginning of stimming and the end of collecting data. Huzzah!


  1. Hoping you nose gets some relief soon...

    Yay for stimming!

  2. Injections are better. I am going to ask for injections for my next stim cycle.

    Synarel made me shake like a freak, and I got dreadful joint pain. Hope you only have to do it once!


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