Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awesome #10 and an update

I owe you all some awesome ...

Photos that work without trying (the rides were awesome too especially No Limit).

Naughty chickehs that come looking for cat fud.

Impressionism by accident (our Gallery has a water window).

What a busy study year this has been. But much better than the Year of Hell doing my Honours thesis and IVF at the same time. I started the study year very apprehensively because of that bad awfulness but I settled into it ok and my anxiety levels haven't caused collapses or breakdowns (so far). And now, suddenly, I've almost finished the coursework for the Master. I've maintained a straight A average throughout the year and I'll be so fucking glad when I'm done with the last two pieces of assessment and I can forgo straight As forever and just work on the "Ps get degrees" theorem.

I'm finalising my application for the PhD and while I'm a shoe-in to get accepted into the program, a scholarship is not so certain, so I'm nervous about that.

I still wish that I'd get miraculously pregnant and it still hasn't happened and I still get disappointed every single month. Stoopid or what?