Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I love

I love the $2.80 Japanese store near our house. First because it's a "$2.80 store" - no round dollar amounts for them! And secondly, because of it's amazingly awesome stock. Case in point ...

Haven't you always wanted your house to smell like a Resort Wedding? I know I have.

And what about smelling like New York ... wait, what? Like hobos and smog? Like vomit and subway steam? I'm not so sure I want my house to smell like that. But then I read the top of the bottle (which I photographed badly, so you can't see it properly) - it says "Unisex Citrus".  Do you think that's how New York wants to be known?

In other news of things I love, there's this musician:

... and this musician too:

Do listen to them for me.

Then there's this incredibly cute ratty with his little ratty-sleepy-pal and his astoundingly tiny and hand-like paws:

And finally, there's this table that contains phrases I am sure I will both write AND really mean