Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey Ho - it's IComLeavWe!

And I'm joining in for the first time. Wow. A whole new way to procrastinate for a week, fantastic!

Back story - I had a child when I was 30 with my (crazy) ex-husband = the Little Guy (also crazy but in a good way). We didn't try to have tLG, he was a miscalculation of cycle times. Married my current husband, the ever-loving and endlessly-patient Big Guy at the beginning of 2008 and we started TTC. He has two kids, I have one; we decided we'd like to produce some spawn together.

The Big Guy was very excited - he thought that this would mean a couple of wonderful months of constant s.e.x. and then a pregnancy. Alas, his dreams came only partially true. With OPKs in hand, we've done 13 months of perfectly timed mid-thirties s.e.x. to no avail (except, of course, for some most excellent bonding). Given our ages (I'm 37 in May and he's 39) we started testing toward the end of last year. I've had lots of blood drawn, a lap and dye with a scope and sample and the Big Guy has done 2 SAs.

Results - one low morph result for him, nothing abnormal for me.

The Lovely Dr L.'s Conclusion - Secondary infertililty ... we'll get pregnant one day. Eventually. Or we can do IVF.

And so we did. And here's the path we've trodden so far.

Feb 08 - June 09
TTC naturally - no luck
begin investigations in Sept 08

Jan 09
me - lap, bloods and hysteroscopy all clear, DOR
tBG - 92% abnormal morph, all else great

ICSI #1 June/July/Aug 09 long down-reg
BCP May-June
0.1ml Lucrin CD2-12
225iu Gonal-F (upped to 300iu on stim day 6) CD3-13
3 follicles, 2 eggs
2 embryos tx, 1 A-grade, 1 C-grade
1 chemical pregnancy

ICSI #2 Sept 09 flare
0.1ml Lucrin CD2-11
300iu Gonal-F CD3-12
4 follicles, 2 eggs
1 embryo arrested on day 2
nothing to transfer

ICSI #3 Nov 09
antagonist + 100mg clomid
Clomid CD2-6
450iu Gonal-F CD3-13
9th Nov scan - only 1 follicle supposedly
12th Nov - 2 follicles, 1 already erupted
cycle cancelled due to mismanagement.

ICSI #4 Nov/Dec 09 flare for free
0.1ml Lucrin CD2-11
450iu Gonal-F CD3-11
3 follies, 3 eggs, 2 embryos!!!
Twinkle and Blobby transferred
24th Dec - BFN (I was a Christmas drunk)

Jan-June 10 
finish Honours thesis by the end of March
start DHEA - 75mg per day  

CD3 Bad baseline results from Jan 23 pre-DHEA
FSH = 7.4
AMH = 2.8
inhibin-B = 23

CD3 Blood tests from April mid-DHEA
FSH = 14.3 (wtf?)
AMH = 1.9
inhibin-B = 10 (wtf?)

April 28 - reduce DHEA to 50mg per day to stop mid-cycle bleeding

June 10 flare
0.1ml Lucrin CD2-11
450iu Gonal-F CD3-11
2 follicles, 1 egg
1 embryo - abnormal fertilisation
nothing to transfer

End of the IVF road.


  1. Well, HELLO and WELCOME! I absolutely love ICLW week as we get to meet so many new people and read along to new stories. You will defintiely meet someone(s) that you will connect with and it will be a great support system. I wish you and the Big Guy great success with the baby making. DH and I are forced to do IVF so I hope for you that your dreams come true before that becomes your only option.

  2. Hooray ICLW! :-) Thanks for your comments lately Ms Pundelina!...and I wish you and the big guy the best of all luck!

  3. Glad you've joined in the ICLW fun! Good luck as you make your way to adding to your family!

  4. Yay for the ICLW intro posts..and my hub is the same way "oh we'll just have sex a couple of times and WHAM you'll be pregnant" Yeah, not so much..I look forward to following along..

  5. Good luck , we ended up on the IVF rollercoaster and took home two prizes for the price of 1 (after about three rides).
    We first went through adoption , had a surprise natural pregnancy 12 yrs later ~ my daughter was still born ~ then did IVF.

    Our story is long and complicated ...please visit my blog ;)

    Here from ICLW...No. 103
    My Little Drummer Boys

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment.
    Wishing you and the Big Guy lots of luck!
    Happy ICLW!

  7. Don't you hate that "one day" crap. If you are anything like me, you want it to happen NOW! Hoping you have lots of success soon.


  8. Hi and welcome to ICLW! I love this every month because you get a chance to read new blogs and meet new people. It is such a great community. I wish you all the luck on your journey!

  9. These intro posts are really cool and usually show a great sense of humour even when the content is a little sad.

    I hope that it does 'just happen' but if it doesn't then you're in great company for cheese and whine! :-)


  10. Stopping in from ICLW. And yes, it is a fabulous way to procrastinate. Looking forward to reading more.

  11. This is my first ICLW too...It's a lot harder than it looks :)

  12. I wish you and BG the most success at creating some little ones of your own!

  13. Nice to meet you. This is my first ICLW as well. Please visit my non profit's website
    WE need help spreading the word.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Welcome to ICLW fun!

    I wish you much luck as you continue ttc-may that someday the doctor mentioned be sooner rather that later!


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