Sunday, March 8, 2009

Show and Tell

Stirrup Queens and Sperm Jester Palaces have a Show and Tell going on. And because I loved show and tell as a child I'm going to join right in.

This was the Little Guy when he was born...

The Little Guy was overcooked, he ended up being taken out through the sunroof after he got stuck and then he had awful Apgars, low oxygenation and proceeded to have seizures for the 4 days after his birth. This resulted in a stay in NICU, countless blood tests, IV antibiotics and antivirals, a cat scan, a lumbar puncture and a EEG. A whole lot of investigations that showed nothing. Apparently the Little Guy had seizures because he was traumatised by his birth. Astoundingly I didn't have seizures even though the birth was equally traumatic for me.

Anyhoo, way back then when I was so incredibly worried about him, worried that he was brain-damaged, worried he would die, I never imagined that he would grow into the person he is.

He is a lot of things, but he has been consistently obsessed with costumes and dress-ups from the moment he could don a funny wig and pretend to be a clown. His current obsession is with Darth Maul and being Darth Maul exactly. And I mean exactly. He has a complete melt-down if his costumes do not match his imagination. When he wanted to be Caratacus Potts in this number we had to make a straw hat exactly like Dick's. When he wanted to be Bruce from the Hooley Dooleys we had source a red top hat (unsatisfactorily) and then eventually make one.

Now his tastes have matured and his requests have become more difficult to manage. We looked at buying a Darth Maul mask but the ones he was happy with cost a zillion dollars so I bought some masks and permanent textas from the craft store, printed out a picture and left him to make his own. He was terribly unhappy with his efforts and so I reached deep into my creative heart (it's a shrivelled up stone of a heart) and made a mask for him myself.

So here's the Little Guy today. The mask is exactly what he wanted, he thinks I am the bomb and I am inclined to agree.

What a short time it seems between that small baby hooked up to all the monitors and this big boy.


  1. Glad you have enough creativity to meet his exacting costume standards!

    He does look just like Darth Maul. :)

  2. Stopping by from Show and Tell.

    How do they grow so much and so quickly? I can't believe our little baby (almost 3) is walking around, making decisions and trying to be a ballerina. It happens SO fast. :)


  3. They do grow SO baby turned 5 today.

    You have some amazing mask making skills!

    Thanks for sharing and feel free to stop by...I'm suffering from secondary IF, too!

  4. Great costume! I love how determined he is to get his costume just right.

  5. Hey from Show and Tell!

    Wow, what a transformation....he looks pretty glad to be in that costume...

    Have a nice day!

  6. Oh, sniff sniff... how fast they grow! I have an almost-identical pic of my little 2.5 year old hooked up to monitors underneath an oxygen hood after he was born.

    They're amazingly strong little suckers, newborns are.

    Tell him he looks like a very mean-looking Darth Maul!


  7. Great costume. A long ways from the NICU pics.

  8. What a great costume! thanks for sharing :)

  9. Good work on his mask! What an amazing journey from birth until now you have all shared. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Here from Show and Tell.

    He's a good looking Darth Maul! Amazing job on that mask!

  11. Excellent job on the mask. He and my 8 yr old would get along smashingly...we're huge Star Wars fans too.

  12. Awesome job. What a great little guy! And you sound like you are da bomb too. Thanks for sharing this, just wonderful!

  13. Wow, what a mask! He's a beautiful little guy.

  14. This is a great show and tell. Thanks for sharing it!



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