Monday, February 21, 2011

Bones WAS my favourite show

But not anymore.

I still have a metaphorical hard-on for David Boreanaz, I still enjoy the quips and the plots, I still like beating them to the cause of death and the murderer but my love for the show has, on the whole, been tainted, destroyed even, by two things.

1. Seely Booth is in a relationship with a blondie. That just kills me. I used to spend a good proportion of any episode waiting for him to take off his shirt and do Bones, in a dream, a coma, a fantasy, whatever. I waited and sometimes he did.  Sometimes he even got nekkid with casual s.ex partners and that was cool by me. But now the writers have ruined the UST (unresolved sexual tension) between Booth and Bones and to top it off they gave him a p.orn-worthy, intelligent, Bones-liking girlfriend.  She's the antichrist peeps and I hates her. He's MY precious.

MY precious!

2. Then, not only did they screw with my fantasies, they screwed with my safe haven. Were there ever any babies or pregnant people in Bones? Noooooo, just rotting corpses and lots of s.exy thoughts. Now, NOW they have ruined that too. Ruined it so much that even tBG sighs loudly every time they mention their babyjoy.

Stoopid Hodgkins and Angela made a baby - accidentally no less. And every fucking episode has mention, no,  dedicated screen time to the pregnancy.  So I want to shoot the TV. And the writers. How dare they fuck up my favourite show so badly.


(Not sure if these pics are NSFW - male chests shown. Are they NSFW?)

And now I'm thinking about vampire hotties, is it just me or does everyone lerv Eric Northman.

And who would you prefer - David Boreanaz or Alexander SkarsgÄrd?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh My God!

Mournful-Maura ... I'm still plodding along completely unpregnantly with frequent well-timed non-contracepted s.ex to keep my hopeyheart alive. Maybe that ought to read dopeyheart. Whatever.

The other night as the Big Guy and I watched an ad that featured cute toddler twins in boy/girl nappies, tBG turned to me and sighed. He told me how sad he was that we weren't having a baby. How much he had hoped to meet our child. All in the past tense, a done deal so to speak. Blerk.

We're not having a baby peeps. I don't like that reality. Not one bit. When will I stop giving pregnant women dagger eyes and muttering 'you're so lucky' under my breath when we pass each other? When will I look at/hold a baby and be happy for baby love without feeling like crying simultaneously? When will it stop?

Being on holidays was awesomely distracting - and I can't remember seeing ANY pregnant Italian women. Can't I stay away on holidays?

Giggling-Gertie ... yesterday the Little Guy ran out on our back verandah to take some of his laundry inside. He ran so fast and as he passed the back door handle he snagged the arm of his white dress-up shirt and practically pulled himself off his feet. He scraped his arm and was in tears, very very sad when he suddenly looked at his shirt. In a tone that ought to be reserved for noticing that your arm is hanging out of the socket and there's blood gushing everywhere, he cried, "OH MY GOD! MY SHIRT!!!!" It was hilarious and I found it incredibly difficult to remain consolatory whilst wanting to roll on the ground laughing. When talking about it with tBG later, I cried laughing, it was that funny. I wish I could have taped him saying it so you could hear the horror in his voice.