Monday, February 21, 2011

Bones WAS my favourite show

But not anymore.

I still have a metaphorical hard-on for David Boreanaz, I still enjoy the quips and the plots, I still like beating them to the cause of death and the murderer but my love for the show has, on the whole, been tainted, destroyed even, by two things.

1. Seely Booth is in a relationship with a blondie. That just kills me. I used to spend a good proportion of any episode waiting for him to take off his shirt and do Bones, in a dream, a coma, a fantasy, whatever. I waited and sometimes he did.  Sometimes he even got nekkid with casual s.ex partners and that was cool by me. But now the writers have ruined the UST (unresolved sexual tension) between Booth and Bones and to top it off they gave him a p.orn-worthy, intelligent, Bones-liking girlfriend.  She's the antichrist peeps and I hates her. He's MY precious.

MY precious!

2. Then, not only did they screw with my fantasies, they screwed with my safe haven. Were there ever any babies or pregnant people in Bones? Noooooo, just rotting corpses and lots of s.exy thoughts. Now, NOW they have ruined that too. Ruined it so much that even tBG sighs loudly every time they mention their babyjoy.

Stoopid Hodgkins and Angela made a baby - accidentally no less. And every fucking episode has mention, no,  dedicated screen time to the pregnancy.  So I want to shoot the TV. And the writers. How dare they fuck up my favourite show so badly.


(Not sure if these pics are NSFW - male chests shown. Are they NSFW?)

And now I'm thinking about vampire hotties, is it just me or does everyone lerv Eric Northman.

And who would you prefer - David Boreanaz or Alexander Skarsgård?


  1. Oh you have made my day posting those pictures of Eric Northman!!!! Once again, we must be twins separated at birth. Ha ha. What about this guy. Scroll down a bit.

    Ps Sorry your show was ruined. :(

  2. Yeah, I had to come back and see this post again.

  3. I hate it when shows ruin my "safe space"! Uggghhh. Great post, btw, totally made my morning.

  4. Clearly they're only mentioning it so that they can kill the smug pregnant ones off, in a classic cliffhanger ending.

    And Eric all the way. I don't even like blondes.

  5. I so agree--there is something deeply sick-making about they way the pregnancy conversations are written, too. BLECH!

  6. Oh my God. Skarsgard. I know I'm supposed to like the other vampire whatsisname, Sookie Stackhouse's true love, but the minute Mr. Northman comes upon the scene, something goes aflutter in the most unseemly way. I can't figure it out. He's not even really my type. But he's like sex personified. If I were fifteen, I would have his poster on my wall and I'd fantasize about him biting me:)

    Pthththht to the writers of Bones.

  7. Bring them both on. Damn. I'm also not one to fawn after the blonde guy, but, Skarsgard, damn, what Adele said.

    On the Bones front, I have been an Angel fan. I will make sure to steer clear of the recent season. What an awful development!

  8. Well, I never followed can't quite say much about it. I prefer the vampire, Miss Pundelina.

    I remember David Boreanaz from a Dido video (White Flag). I love that song.

  9. David Boreanaz every time.

    I don't watch Bones, sounds like a good thing!

  10. David, of course. I have been in love with him since Buffy. Hot hot hot.


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