Saturday, July 4, 2009

The things (other) women do

I came across the vaj-jvisor (thanks Gemini Girl) and wondered do people really want products like this? Be careful checking it out, it will burn your eyes (if you download the instructions page like I did just to see exactly WTF was going on).

I am a hairy chick. That is apparently horrifying. But what I find horrifying is non-hairy chicks. Not that I've ever seen one IRL, but I've been told about them and I have watched prn *gasp*. But I just don't get it and I can't conceive of the pain one must go through in order to make one's girlie bits be hair-free.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the only non-hairy-in-the-groin chicks supposed to be the pre-pubescent ones? And yes, for the record I do remove armpit hair, but I'm a stinky human-monkey and my pits are close to people's noses (closer than my groin anyway). Except for the Big Guy's nose and he says "it might be interesting for you to be hairless, but I don't care". And I told him that I would go hairless if he did (for the interesting factor) and he immediately replied "I'm not doing that!" And now he's sighing.


  1. OOOOOhhhh...I totally get where you're coming from. I do not do this and completely don't get it. Can you even imagine??? The funny thing is I've never even considered it, never. I guess peer pressure has nothin' on me.

    And I have know (of) a few men who do this as well....


  2. P.S. Thanks for the comment regarding non-commenting.


  3. HA!

    My friend calls her hair - her "gorilla suit".

    It's annoying, being a chick. It's like, painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge .... once it's all done, it's time to do it again!

    I smile every time I read your blog header name. I love it.

    Good luck with the sniffing .... send in the stims!! XOX


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