Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I can has drugs - w00t!

And I do.

Not only do I have some injectable drugs, I am akshully going for all-injectables for this cycle. S.ynarel hurt my nose and as of this morning I am done with it. Hello L.ucrin shots. I am, of course, going to shoot up G.onal-F (oooh it sounds edgy like that "shoot 'em up") and I have added progesterone shots to my must-have injectable list.

I went for the first ultrasound today; the one where they check to make sure my ovaries aren't self-stimulating (heehee) - they're not, and that my 'lining' is non-existent (it is). So all was good there except that the stoopid skinny d.ildo-cam hurt me on the way in. I got a flare-up of vulvar vestibulitis a couple of months ago which hasn't gone away and it makes entry into my lady-garden a non-viable and quite hurty procedure. So the Sweet Nursey gelled up the 'wand' and tried to insert it, whereupon I yelped and said "not that angle, try pointing it down more" so she did and it worked but the gel stung and it got me thinking about the Crinone. I realised that I most certainly did not want some god-knows-what-base-used-and-preservative-filled gel squishing out of me for a fortnight aggravating my poor vestibule and glands. At present vegetable oil and Moo Goo are my only down there friends. So I requested shots instead. Sweet Nursey spoke to Unknown-doctor and Lo and Behold I have more injectables coming my way in 8 days.

In total I will jab myself about 24 times over 3 weeks and now I am a little worried about my poor tummy. But I'd rather sore tummy skin than sorer girlie bits or sorer nose.
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  1. all I can say is, Ouch!! And good luck!!!

  2. Wooot!!

    Good luck with the shooting up ... how I loved the shooting up Gonal F pen. Loved it .... doing it made me feel so freaking purposeful.


  3. I think I would prefer all needles to snorting and pppppppessaries. The stickiness on thighs from the melting candle is not a sensation I enjoy.

  4. SO exciting!

    At least your nose is getting a break, even if your belly is going to be sore.

    Good luck!


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