Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can't touch this

For some unknown reason every time I think of triggering I think of the song U can't touch this and MC Hammer's famed lyric "it's hammer time" except in my head I'm singing "it's trigger time".

And I was when I did.

The nurse called me today to give me my trigger time. She also gave me some hope, so I'm back on the crazy hope roller-coaster, riding up the hill. I bet you know exactly how much I want the up to go on forever and never start going down.

Officially shot up the Ovidrel at 10pm. Pickup will be at 11am AEST on Tuesday 21st of July. Thanks to Mel's injecting tips I didn't even notice the Ovidrel going in (and I'd heard it was a painful shot).


  1. LOL..."It's trigger time!"

    Love it. I'll have to remember that next month!

    Good luck!

  2. Unfair! Now I'll be singing MCHammer for the rest of the day.

    Good luck for tomorrow. I'll be stalking.

  3. Well, your trigger time song has just morphed into Superfreak, in my head. I expect it will be there all day.

    Tomorrow morning. Yes. I'll be stalking too. XO

  4. all the best for tuesday will be stalking for an update too!


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