Saturday, July 25, 2009

Schrodinger's Zygotes

I started preg.nyl injections today. That there is a crapload of injecting work. I managed to hold both ampoules and one syringe in one hand while attaching the humungasaur draw-up needle to the syringe with the other hand and not dropping the opened ampoules. Cause I am dumb like that, I opened both ampoules before I had the syringe ready. Then I didn't trust their little glass bottoms to stay upright and I had to do the hand jive. Naturally the little plastic cover for the draw-up needle was jammed on so I had to get my teeth involved too. You get the picture?

Anyway, it's all done now and I am progesteroned-up 'til next Wednesday.

The whole "I am a zygote-incubator" thing is a weird feeling. I'm like the box and the zygotes are like Schrodinger's Cat. Simultaneously alive-and-potentially-implanting and dead-and-being-reabsorbed. I want the live cat at the end and the wait is driving me crazy already. I am neurotic so I only got a day's grace of hopefulness and calm before the "what ifs" set in. Can I please have either a crystal ball to see the future or a spiffy microscope to look inside myself and check on those little PundeGuys.

(Do go have a look at the linked wiki page - Schrodinger's description of the cat idea is quite funny.)

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  1. praying for your BFP on Wed. Please let me know and i am so excitted love kris MRSMM


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