Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a dork - 5dp2dt

Yes, it's true I am a completely unashamed dork. A drongo, a ning-nong, a eejit.

Because, even though I know I had a Preg.nyl shot on Saturday. (That's 4 days ago.) And even though I know that the lovely second line would be all Preg.nyl's doing - I did a HPT (home pregnancy test) just to see what a positive one looks like.

Gee, it's pretty.

It's incredibly pretty and I really hope I get one of them properly next Tuesday. The TWW is killing me, I am a bit crampy and alternating between hope and despair.


  1. HA HA HA HA!!! That is totally something I would do! Hopefully n a bout a week you'll get to view those 2 glorious lines again for real this time.

  2. Having btdt, this post brings to mind so many memories. I don't think I ran to the bathroom as many times as in that 2ww, secretly hoping I would see nothing... and then not wanting to hope too hard. Longest two weeks of your life doesn't even (for a fertile person) begin to describe it.

    Wishing you strength.


  3. I would have done the same thing!

    Still thinking LOTS of positive thoughts for you!

  4. I'm totally out of the loop and not getting the acronyms here, but I do get the "alternating between hope and despair" feeling. Argh.

  5. Been there, done it, will probably do it again.


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