Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blood and thrush dramas

I think I have a candida infection in my vestibular area. And I can't take any of the -azole type medication to bomb it like I would usually due to the IVF. Bad. Very bad.

I have been spotting but the G.onal-F should not allow this and when I spoke to another of the FNs yesterday she rearranged my scan for Monday morning. At that point I will have had 5 stim shots so we'll get an idea if the G.onal-F is doing its job. At the same time they'll do a spread-n-see to locate the source of the bleeding. The FN says they're hoping the blood is either coming from high in the vaginal wall or that it's associated with the thrush. Both options sound bad, but endometrial bleeding would be far far worse. I'll take 'associated with the thrush' and a speedy cure thank you very much.

I spoke to yet another nurse at the Vulva clinic (MSHC) and she backdoored me into seeing one of the docs on Thursday (rather than waiting til September/October) so I'm strangely looking forward to that appointment to get some answers about the vestibulitis. Which I think is thrush-related. So it's all tied up together.

Shots have been going well, not causing any problems, no sore spots just 1 bruise from the first shot where I hit a capillary. The G.onal-F was burning as it went in on shot 2 and shot 3 but shot 4 was fine. So who knows what that was all about.

God I hope we nail this the first time.


  1. oooh! Sounds painful and uncomfortable, thrush is a hideous thing to endure. Hope it clears up for you soon...

  2. Capillaries are fun. I got one once and when I pulled out the needle, the blood shot out like a bright red firecracker! So pretty.

    No to ladypart issues. Ouch. Have you tried yoghurt?

    (I'm joking. It was a joke! Like relaxing!)


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