Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A pigeon pair

I woke up from the anaesthetic today and started crying and crying. I've held it together so well, but I suspect the drugs relax my emotional walls.

The doctor was so lovely and she thought that my age was in my favour and that I should try to have some hope ... we got 2 eggs. The third follicle was empty so I guess I'm happy that there were eggs in the bigger follies. We find out tomorrow if we have any embies.

I hate this rollercoaster.

The doctor did say that next time we'd avoid down-regulation and do a flare cycle, she recommends leaving a cycle between stims but if I insist they'll let me go ahead. Like I said, she also said I should try to be hopeful and think positive. I feel like crap emotionally. And my left ovary hurts. Hooray for oxycodone (cause panadol is completely ineffective on me). Thanks so much for the comments and the stalking - I appreciate the thoughts.

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  1. Good news. I hope you get some embryos, but being told to think positive is bollocks. It doesn't help. I fear the worst and hope for the best. Makes it easier when things don't work.

    When will you transfer?

    I love oxy. Panadeine doesn't even touch the sides for me, and I was soo grateful to pop some donies after my horrific EPU.

    Are you on bed rest today?


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