Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sniff sniff ...

Oh, did you notice me sniffing? No, I don't have swine flu ... I've started sniffing synarel! So far no side effects (this is day 3) except it stings my nose for a while. Like when you accidentally snort pool water up your nose and it hurts right at the junction of ears/nose/throat. Other than that I don't think I'm side-effected.

Except maybe for the misery-guts mood I'm in. But I was like that before, so who knows.

Today's tidbit - when you go clothes shopping make sure you go into the really unlikely stores. I had a look-see and a poke through my favourite stores today, then through the stores I love but can't justify spending at (found a lovely ducktail skirt that almost made me wish I wish I wore heels and worked in a corporate environment). Was leaving the megaplex that is now Chadstone and on the way to the car I walked past the body-piercing place where three teenage boys were lounging around behind the counter listening to metal rap. I was dressed so incredibly inappropriately for that particular store. I'd just finished testing at a nursing home and was looking all demure and mumsy (hang on, there's a better word for that ... I looked FRUMPY). So in I walked because I had spotted a skivvy while walking past. I collected the skivvy and saw the most delicious dress on a sale rack. So I tried it on! And it mostly fit!

I wandered out of the changeroom looking decidedly less frumpy as asked the lounging counter boys whether I was too lumpy to wear the dress and they said I wasn't! So I chose to believe them and bought the wonderful-non-frumpy-little-bit-gothy dress for (are you ready) $14.95!!! The Big Guy says it looks gorgeous and I choose to believe him too. Yay!

And I got a packet of magic pills (extra birth control) from a dear EB friend today. She sent a card along with the packet and I am so touched by her thoughts and kind wishes. You rock Ali!
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