Friday, June 19, 2009


If I sleep all night and then wake up to take The Little Guy to school then come back home and go back to bed for another 4 hours am I ok? (Oh, and hello 1:30pm I love to see you when I open my eyes, I wish school started at 2pm, that would suit me so much better.) I mean, why the fuck am I so incredibly tired all the time. I'm figuring it's a combination of stress, 4 days working and fibromyalgia. What a rotten cocktail that is. I'd prefer a Blue Hawaiian thank you very much.

Anyhoo, all I want to do is sleep and I haven't finished writing my goddamn lit review because if there was a medal for procrastination I'd be procrastinating about going to the ceremony to accept it. I absolutely rock at procrastinating. If there was a So You Think You Can Procrastinate I wouldn't even turn up for the audition because I'd be too busy - I don't know, tending my Farm Town or cleaning my desk up (oooh I love a clean desk when I'm supposed to be writing) or trawling through the time-waster extraordinaire that is Essential Baby. Or maybe just maybe I'd be in here writing a post. Oops.

I had a massage tonight. It was my birthday present from May last year (because, you know, I procrastinated using my voucher til this year's birthday). She was good, mostly. I am incredibly sensitive (thankyou fibro) and have all these weird sore bone spots I wasn't fully aware of until the woman began rubbing them. I had to keep telling her to go softer until eventually towards the end I was embarrassed to say "please, a bit softer" and I lay there tolerating the pain. How dumb is that? I really wish I had been clearer. Mind you, how much clearer could I have been? I told her what was wrong at the outset and then repeatedly for the first 15 minutes. I think massage people in general don't actually believe me. Or they think the pain is therapeutic. Hello lady I have a pain condition. Pain is not therapeutic. The Big Guy thinks that when a masseuse gets me they think to themselves "I shall be the amazing masseuse that fixes this poor soul". I wish massage fixed fibro.
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