Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I dropped a tab ...

... and it wasn't acid or ecstacy! And dropping it is bad. I popped birth control pill day 9 out of it's popper packet and promptly dropped it under my desk. Which is a dangerous place for an unsuspecting and teeny tiny pill. Under my desk is storage - which may sound all organised and boxy but is in fact piles and piles of old uni work and kid-artwork, a multitude of photo albums and enough dust to make 3 rather large bunnies.

Combined oral contraceptive pillImage via Wikipedia

The pill is officially MIA and I am wondering how necessary it is to take exactly 21 of the little buggers. Can I get away with 20 of them or will I have to buy more birth control? Cause I don't wanna!
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  1. Oh no to your little pill being dropped.

    I have been thinking of you wondering how your getting on with your journey.

    Before I forget which ones are you on as I have my box of Microgynon 30 here that here to save you from buying any more if you need extras?

    If your worried I would ring your FS and just mention it to him but I think it should also be OK.

    XOX Ali


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