Saturday, August 22, 2009

O yeah

I'm ovulating - possibly as I type! I got a strong positive OPK yesterday and another today so today/night is O night.

What that means is that my body has behaved impeccably - I'm on CD17 and I'm 13 days away from the negative beta - so am ovulating exactly when I hoped I would!!! Hooray for small mercies.

Fiji - here I come sans injectable drugs and customs problems. If my luteal phase stays the same (which I've heard they do) my period will be due on the day we get back.

So is it possible for me to get pregnant this cycle? I wonder. (Before we started IVF, every month was a possibility but once we started I gave up on un-aided conception.) What a blast that would be! Not holding my breath and not behaving terribly well either - I had alcomohol a couple of times over the last weeks and I even *gasp* had some coffee. And I am planning on drinking exotically coloured cocktails during happy hour whilst in Fiji. Is this what is done in a 'cycle off'? Or should I be pretending we have more than a bee's dick of a chance at conception and doing the whole body-as-temple thing. Gah!

On the study front, I have been dumping data out of the EEG program and though it is an enormously boring and tedious task, I am pleased with the progress (having made so little for so long). 50 done so far, 130 to go. Only a couple more days work and my supervisor and I will be very happy with me.

And that is a nice feeling. I've been a happy camper for at least a week now, what a relief. I hate feeling depressed and miserable and living like my bed is the only good place in the world. Oh the ups and the downs. They are woolly.


  1. Yay for exotic drinks! I myself drowned in glass after glass of wine just last night....and I have one more happy hour scheduled with friends next week before that whole "body as temple" bs begins again. Enjoy Fiji!

  2. So jealous! Fiji is top on my list for our next vacation. I've always wanted to go there. YAY for oing! Wooo hooooo! Go catch that eggie!

  3. it is very very possible to get pregnant this cycle, there is anecdotal evidence that the first cycle after a pregnancy has an increased chance of success, and I sure hope you are one of them!

    Happy 1dpo, and


  4. Am actually trying to picture a bee's dick. :)

    "I'm 13 days away from the negative beta"...

    well, enjoy all the drinks...and gasp at the coffee, and as far as I am concerned, people who play around when high have a higher chance of getting knocked up. :-)

    Maybe Kourtney K should take a stand on this...

    Have tons of fun!

  5. Do you notice that I can't do my smileys uniformly....some of them have a nose while others are pasty?

  6. I'm so jealous of the multicoloured drinks (oh and the rest of the holiday!). I hope you have a fabulous time, and that you become the cliche "just relax and take a holiday".

  7. Oh I vote for all the multi-colored drinks and lattes. Just go all out there and enjoy. Body as temple will be waiting for you next month. This is your month to relax and have fun in Fiji.


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