Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hold off ovulation!

That's right, I don't want to ovulate.

Who would have thought that the ironic aspects of TTC using assisted conception were so rampant. First I got put on birth control to start the last cycle and now I don't want to ovulate so I can do the next cycle.

It's bizzaro-world over here. So far so good though, I'm on either CD14 or CD11. (14 days since I started bleeding last, 11 days since I had a negative beta.) My OPKs are only just showing a hint of a second line so I won't be ovulating until at least the end of the week. Thank goodness.

In my perfect plan, I will ovulate this Saturday and that will make my period due on the 5th of September. Now because this is my perfect plan I would then give the Big Guy a positive HPT on September 7th (Father's Day here in Australia). Wouldn't that be shweet.

Alternate almost-perfect plan is that I get my period on the 5th and we start the antagonist cycle on the 7th. In Australia. 'Cause I really don't want to be toting Gonal-F to Fiji. I've been imagining cooler bags and confiscated needles and helpful air hostesses and paperwork and customs nightmares.

For the moment I shall take a meditative deep breath and chill out.

Do I do anything else today? I organised a cake stall, worked some money-work and I got grumpy in a team meeting discussing data coding for the thesis. I did not notice anything funny or quirky, I had no strange revelations nor profound thoughts. I just was. And that was ok.

Oh, and I read Mark Morford's column ... number 2 disturbed me.


  1. Oh yes, the choices appear multiple...the paths are not easy to either of them.

    Please Ask Mark Morford if he wants to write something about how eco-friendly primary infertility is. That would be a pleasure.


  2. Oh, the best laid plans....we will be (maybe) starting the next cycle at the same time....let's hope!

    Yeah, item #2 was Not Good. I'm going to reduce my carbon footprint by not flying out to his place to smack him a good one. Just doing my part.

  3. I went through last my last IVF on exact same days as yours. I even had two embryos just like yours transferred the days that you did. Alas, it didnt work for me either. I silently kept reading your blog everyday almost like my life was being mirrored temporarily. Hope things happen per your plan for the next cycle.

    Marks #2 seems totally unnecessary specially since India and China have far lesser carbon foot print despite the population compared to US. So the #2 doesnt help much. On the other hand his number 10 could do the trick, only if everyone understood how important that is.


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