Tuesday, August 4, 2009


No good pregnancy news here.

HCG = 10, progesterone = 38.6

Probably the residual pregnyl is the reason.

I have to do a repeat blood test on Friday to be sure.

On the upside the doc has agreed to do an antagonist protocol next time round so that should get more eggs to play with.


  1. Reaching my arms across to you right now .. to give you a big hug.

    I'm sorry. It's great that the doc has a different plan of attack for next time ... but it just still really sucks that it didn't happen NOW.


  2. Really really sorry to hear that. Cyber-hugs to you xox

  3. Take unused pregnancy tests
    Walk to bin
    Open lid
    Deposit tests
    Walk away

    Says one serial POASer to another.

    Massive swear words uttered this end on reading your news :(

    I didn't want to reply and jinx you on your last post, because I must admit I was feeling very positive and thought some of my good-luck for those whose blogs I follow, had worked yet again.

    I prescribe gin, red wine, duck confit and black forest cake to make it all better. Or the vegetarian equivalent if you don't eat meat.


  4. Crap.

    I'm so sorry.

    Sending you warm, comforting thoughts from afar...


  5. Keep your positive hopes hun am here for chat anytime. Hope Friday BT gives you a solid result xoxo


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