Tuesday, August 4, 2009

edited title: Pregnyl, BFP, testing early, HPT = foolish, apparently it was a chemical pregnancy.

6 days past booster today.

Could it be? I'm not sure really and so I'm both worried and excited all at once.

They all seem really faint and there doesn't seem to be much of a progression since Sunday - so maybe I am just stuck with residual Pregnyl and it's showing up on the tests. They're First Response and that's supposed to be sensitive.

But there is a bit of a 'getting darker' trend, isn't there?Off for a beta soon.

Eeeek. I've never had any positive tests to fool around ummming and ahhhing over before. They have always been clearly negative. It's nice to have some hope.


  1. Good luck and I think that some congrats are going to be in order but I'll wait until we hear more from your doc appointment!

    This all looks promising!

  2. Can't wait for an update. Good luck!!!


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