Monday, August 3, 2009

11dp2dt - another FP

Geez I really am daft sometimes. I have been counting the days wrong (I think).

I had my EPU on Tuesday 24th July, ET was on Thursday 26th July and I was either counting the transfer day as a day or I was counting egg pickup day as a day - I'm not sure which. Either way I'm not supposed to count one of them so really I am 11 days past a 2 day embryo transfer today. I think. If I hadn't had IVF I'd be 13DPO. So it works. Doesn't it? Anyway, I changed all the titles to reflect my realisation.

Anyway, onto the news. Today I'm 120 hours past the last booster. I did another test completely expecting to see one lonely test line and a lot of bright white space. But instead I saw another faint positive. Talk about getting a girl's hopes up. I usually have a 14 day luteal phase which puts me expecting spotting tomorrow (or today) and bleeding by Wednesday.

Paintshop Pro and I think that today's line is darker than yesterday's. Both in real colour and in negative. But who knows because I am attempting to spot tiny colour differences.

Dr Google and I have decided that my line today is more hopeful than my line yesterday and that I ought not worry about the darkness of the colour as the test isn't quantitative. I wish I could find out how much one's blood HCG level is immediately after having 1500iu subcutaneous HCG and then how fast it leaves the body if one weighs 130 pounds and has quite a fast metabolism. Dr Google, you have really let me down this week with your lack of answers.

Beta is tomorrow if I want to, or Thursday as recommended. I think I'll do it tomorrow and put myself out of this misery. The lines are probably false positives from the Pregnyl. As for stoopid progesterone symptoms, my nipples are still sore and I feel a tiny bit crampy.

Oh, and I got an extension for my Honours project. Thank fook. Because can you tell how distracted and unmotivated I am?


  1. Hun from what i have read the injected hormones have gone out of your system so thous 2 lines are very likely to be a bub in the belly growing nice and strong. Tomorrow please PM me i am in tears just knowing the results are coming.
    love to you and hubby and best of luck for tomorrow. I will be waiting for some beautiful results
    Kris MrsMM

  2. am hoping those two lines mean you are UTD - have everything crossed for you. If it helps, my second line was faint in the two tests I did (14dpo, and 21 dpo).

  3. Sending positive vibes your way. Can't wait to hear the beta results!

  4. My motto in regard to POAS is... a line is a line is a line and if there was nothing to detect ther'd be no line. So keep hoping. xxx


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