Friday, December 11, 2009

Show and Tell - T & B

My Show and Tell for this week is these two little miracles. Twinkle and the oh-so-aptly-named Blobby. My transfer went ahead at 10:30am this morning after two days of agonising anxiety.

Twinkle is a lovely looking 4-cell. Blobby, a 'grotty looking' 3-cell.  But Dr Mac did say that he knows of lots of grotty embryos that turned into healthy babies.

The Big Guy and I are amazed that we made it this far and we are praying with all we've got that the blood test on Christmas Eve reveals a healthy looking beta.

More weird numbers from me ... This was my 4th stim cycle, my 3rd pickup, 2nd transfer and ... I want 1 baby who would be tBG's and my 1st biological child, but my 2nd, his 3rd and our 4th altogether. 4-3-2-1-2-3-4.

Go check out what the rest of the gang are showing over at Mel's.


  1. Hoorah! Lovely little embryos and sure to stick!

  2. YAAAAAAAAY! Super exciting stuff! I'm not convinced "Grade A--perfect blasts" are the way to go anyway--we've all seen it too many times when there's perfect blasts and BFN together. Who in the world knows what the secret formula is but I'm hoping you figure it out this cycle! Best of luck! Have fun analyzing the next 2 weeks! ;)

  3. Great pic! Sending you sticky embie vibes and praying for a Christmas miracle on the 24th, how very fitting.

  4. Fabulous news. Here's hoping you get the best Christmas present ever.

  5. T & B are beautiful! Stick, little ones, STICK!!

  6. Many Many Hugs, Pundelina...

    Twinkle and Blobby are stars, and your doc is correct...I am aware of one blogger whose little less perfect embryo too implanted and resulted in a beautiful baby!

    I am sending you tons and tons and tons ( got the point, I guess) of good wishes and lot of sticky vibes!

    Take it slow, 'mate'!

  7. I have been sending good vibes your way all day girl. I can't wait for you to get your Christmas BFP. Stick embies! Stick!!!

  8. Well done - let's hope with both have good news this chrissy.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YAY for two lovely embryos (grotty or not, they are LOVELY!)

    best of luck,

  10. YEAH!! Congrats on the 2 embabies.Good luck in the 2WW.

  11. Congrats on your transfer! Thinking lots of happy thoughts for you.


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