Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Dr Mac found 3 eggs!!!!! He kindly wrote it on my hand so when I woke up in recovery I knew immediately and I didn't spend all my recovery time crying.



Today is 09-12-09 - all numbers are divisible by three.
The pick-up was done on the third floor.
The Big Guy bought me 3 different lovely chocolates.

This is my 3rd pick-up.

Maybe 3 will be lucky for me. Dare I hope so?

Tomorrow the nurse will call me and tell me if we have a transfer time for Friday. More waiting, more good thoughts and prayers needed please.

Thank you all so much for your love and support.

PS. this is post number one hundred and ... three.


  1. 3 is a magic number! I have a great feeling about tomorrow...good fertilization vibes going your way...

  2. I am so happy for you! So super exciting! Praying super hard that this is it for you. And how incredibly sweet of the doctor to write, "3" on your hand.

    All my best! Staying tuned!

  3. Woooo hooooooooooo! I couldn't wait to get home and read your blog to see the results. YAY!!!!!


    How incredibly exciting. I am just thrilled.

    Needless to say I am crossing absolutely everything. I hope beyond hope that this is the onexoxoxox

  5. Wooo hoooo, fingers toes and everything crossed that one of those lucky three is the one for you THIS time (and maybe more for NEXT time!)..

    Funny you say about 3..

    On my EPU day the nurse asked me what my favourite/lucky number was... I said 7 - so that's the locker number she gave me.

    I got 8 eggs, but 7 fertilised.
    And five days later I had 7 amazing and beautiful looking embabies.

    I'm writing this on 7DPO, and hoping that you and I are breaking out with our lucky numbers...


  6. That is fantastic! Praying for Friday....

  7. Hooray for three! Now you've got me singing...

    Three is a magic number,
    Yes it is, it's a magic number.
    Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity
    You get three as a magic number.

    The past and the present and the future.
    Faith and Hope and Charity,
    The heart and the brain and the body
    Give you three as a magic number.

  8. This is such cheerful news, Pundelina! You know I am completely cheering for you....there you were, thinking of having atleast one egg, and here there are THREE!!!

    All the very very very best!

  9. Here rom LFCa, congrats on number three!!! I hope it works out and you get your heart's desire

  10. Thinking the BEST thoughts for you!!!

  11. 3! WHOO HOO! That is simply great!
    here's keeping my fingers crossed that each and every one of them decides that friday is a fine day for a transfer.

  12. Here from Stirrup Queens..Don't they say good things happen in three's? Here's crossing fingers and toes and sending good, great, baby vibes your way!!

  13. 3 is your lucky number! Sending tons of good fert vibes.

  14. Sending lots of hopes and wishes that 3 is your magic number!

  15. "Man and a woman had a little babeh, it's the magic number"

  16. Whoo, three eggs! Here's hoping you mystify your doctor :)

  17. Hoping you're gearing up for a transfer tomorrow--of all three! ;)


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