Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Hope

We has it.

The other day I went shopping for an ornament to give as a gift to a sweet friend of mine and I found three Christmas words - Peace, Joy and Hope.  I bought Joy for my friend and, even though we have way too many ornaments already, I bought Hope for us. Which was surprisingly similar to what happened when Eileen and her DH went shopping. I hung Hope on our tree and I've spent far too long gazing at it wondering if I will show it to our baby next Christmas and say "that's your first Christmas ornament - just especially for you" ... or if I will be unpacking it next Christmas wistfully and sadly instead.

I wonder if all of us in the IF community have Hope strung up on our trees. If not the word itself, then the feeling - wrapped around the Christmas tree and all muddled up with Christmas Spirit. The hope that this will be the last Christmas without that family member we're trying for.

This time I have told everyone, and I mean everyone, about our embryo transfer and our testing date. I want all the positive thoughts, prayers, sticky vibes and good wishes we can get. I hope it helps.

Today I am 4dp2dt and I have been a bit crampy since Sunday. I think it's because of the Pregnyl-induced progesterone rise I must be having. If all is going well then Twinkle and Blobby (or at least one of them) have/has successfully hatched and are/is preparing to implant into my uterine lining.


  1. What a great thought that we all have hope on our tree this year. I know that I do. The thought of that ornament being your baby's first brought tears to my eyes. Stcky vibes to you!

  2. I have hope too. Hope for good news for you and hope for a wonderful Christmas, this year and next and many more to come. You are in my thoughts xxx

  3. Read not into the pregnancy symptoms, for they will confuse thee.

    Sadly, hope is not in residence in Casa C von S this Navidad, but I am fervently praying to all the higher powers that you get a nice fat positive HPT followed but a bhcg in the hundreds on Christmas eve.

  4. So hoping that these are the little embies that can, and that Joy and Peace are also there for you this Christmas...


  5. No....I do not have a Christmas ornament that reads HOPE but I have that engraved on a pendant, and I totally get your feeling.

    I want the miracles to happen...sending lots of good wishes to the two embabies....

  6. I so hope you get a most excellent Christmas BFP!!!

  7. I'm keeping my fingers, toes, and anything else I can find crossed that you get your Christmas BFP. What a wonderful gift that would be!


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