Thursday, November 26, 2009

Urban legend FAIL

Bien sûr!

Brownish CM this morning, blood this evening. I called the clinic and was told that tomorrow will be classed as Day 1. So I shall call again tomorrow and find out what Dr Mac has in store for me.

The nurse tried to tell me that lots of people were trying to fit in a cycle before the end of the year and they all get put on a list and looked at to see who can and cannot do a cycle so that they don't overload with numbers of patients. I say 'tried to tell me' because as soon as she said it I replied that I WOULD be doing a cycle because it was offered specially by Dr Mac. Then I thought I should probably take a deep breath and shut up. There were no orders in the system for me so they have to talk to him tomorrow and find out what he wants me to do.

I shall try not to google anything this time and to stay a bit detached. Ha!

In other news, my honours supervisor is happy with me at the moment and so am I. I handed in the first draft of the literature review and then floored her by showing her my 3/4 complete data file (almost ready for analysis). I have made some progress and have met my milestones so far which delights both of us.

TBG's ex-wife dislikes me and tries to ignore me and today she sent an email to tBG asking that I not have contact with the Middle Guy's school (he is starting secondary school close to us in 2010). I have run 2 errands for tBG to go to school during school hours when asked and apparently she does not like this. My errands so far have involved collecting a folder of information and buying some second-hand clothing. Life-shattering.

I don't understand why she is so threatened by me and she can go and get fucked with her request that I not have contact with the school - she "would prefer that any day-to-day contact with the school was with tMG's parents". I am his parent too and her request is absurd.

Thank you for your lovely comments regarding the drawers, we love them and every night when tBG goes to bed he says "I love our bedroom". So sweet! (He thinks I've made him sound ghey, but really he just sounds happy with the new furniture.)


  1. Sorry about the urban legend fail. I know how much those suck. get to start a fresh cycle *after you strongarm the clinic* and a new chance to get knocked up with the marvels of science!

    The ex sounds like a reeeeaaaaaal piece of work. That's ridiculous re: dictating your interactions with the little guy. You are his stepmother and therefore have parental rights and responsibilities. Absurd, indeed. She's just pulling a power play. *Denied!*

    As for detached....I spoke with my doctor and nurse about the next cycle (in January) and we discussed me not receiving any detailed info, to try and allow me to detach a little. I made it clear that "cancellation" is not part of my vocabulary this time, so there's no need for conversation about my poor response, how few follicles, etc. I hope it will help to just get through the cycle without incident.

    Best of luck pinning down the clinic to get your cycle underway!

  2. Oh my lovely Pundie. I can relate to you so so so much about the angry ex .... WHAT A COW.

    How I would love to write about Daves ex on my blog, but she would track me down and kill me. Nasty, bitter, venomous piece of work.

    I have parented Tim for nine years now, and consider him my own. And one of my greatest accomplishments.

    Ahem. Sorry. Hey ... how awesome are you with your literature review!! Wow. That's just bloody great, especially considering the topsy-turvy land you've had the past while.

    I hope your doc stays true to his word, and big bountiful love and care for your cycle.


  3. Detachment rules.

    That is all.

  4. So sorry you are an urban legend fail. Hoping and praying you have better luck next time.

    His ex sounds like a real witch.

  5. Congratulations on our thesis progress! how great is that???? you will feel so great as that comes to completion/fruition, you really will. So much effort, and you are pulling it together which is so incredibly impressive, good for you!

    sucky news about your cycle,I'm so sorry. I was ready for an urban legend right here in my blog posse.
    but best wishes for this next one. Dr M better remember his promise otherwise a whole bunch of us will want to kick serious butt on your behalf.


  6. Well, no advise for the ex, coz I really don't know what to say...maybe she is jealous...

    Well, Hello CD1...but what happened after that?


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