Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We did this

TBG took me shopping yesterday - to Ikea. I have a not-so-secret Ikea fetish (it goes along nicely with my stationery and hardware fetishes) and I like to wander around the store playing with all their stuff and briefly living in their weird little apartments. I particularly like this blue and white one they've got going on at the moment. It has a lovely, though incredibly uncomfortable, navy blue couch with pale blue and white furnishings. But I digress.

We have lived in this house for 2 years and for 2 years we have dithered around not getting a new chest of drawers. We got an enormous, fantabulous bed with a splendiferous mattress that makes all other beds feel like rocks, lovely bed covers and blankies. But the rest of the room was a mish-mash. I had a raw pine chest of drawers that I'd rescued from a neighbours' hard rubbish pile six years ago. They'd thrown it out because it was wobbly, falling apart and poorly made in the first place. But I gave it a home and made do. When we bought the new bed I decided that the old chest of drawers looked yukky (it did) and we attempted to paint it. But we don't have a good painting space and instead of a pristine white piece of furniture we got a tallboy complete with paint-embedded dust, hair and teeny tiny bugs. So then I squashed all my stuff in other places and we talked about getting a new chest one day.

Apparently Sunday was the day. We hit Ikea on a whim, bought the second cheapest bits of Swedish crapola we could find and I had the brilliant idea of inserting fabric behind the tacky plastic panels and ... ta-daaaa ...

We now have a new chest of drawers and two new bedside tables too. And I am so pleased with the results! The fabric I chose matches the bedspread perfectly and it's all luver-lelly.

The old bedside tables we had were hard rubbish too. In case you haven't guessed, I have a not-so-secret hard rubbish fetish as well. I am indeed a Rat. What do they say - reduce, reuse, recycle. I happily do all that.

 As for the other stuff (you know, the hideous horrid stuff) my period is due sometime after Tuesday. I'm not sure when exactly because of the double ovulation and the uncertain timing of the second egg's release. No one can tell me if my luteal phase will be ruled by the first egg's eruption (in which case my period is due Tues/Wed) or by the second egg (in which case my period is due anywhere from Thurs to Sat).

Mostly I'm not hopeful but there's this dumb little part of me that says "oooh maybe you could be pregnant, you had two eggs, you had s.ex, maybe maybe maybe..." The rest of me wants to beat that silly-me over the head with a rock and make her shut-up cause she's always wrong and listening to her hurts.

I sound like a complete crazy woman and I am. I've spent the last week miserable and sad and having nightmares every night and I don't think that the broken awful sleep helps my mood at all.

But anyhoo ... Retail therapy worked some - aren't the drawers gorgeous???


  1. Well the new drawers are a-magnificento!

    You are not silly...I think that tiny cokeful voice sings in my head before every AF too...maybe maybe maybe...

    Whatever it is, I want the outcome fast, especially if it is the arrival of AF, so that you can get on...

  2. Those drawers look great. Nice idea with the fabric. I love how you've got that little tree growing in the top one.

    You're definitely not silly. That little voice you hear is the optimistic voice that keeps us going through all of this.

  3. Retail therapy is always a good thing. :)

  4. I love Ikea. I'm planning a trip out there this week sometime. Their scented tealight candles are one of my favourite things.

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  6. Retail therapy = love. I love the dresser drawer panel idea - I have one like that (also from Ikea) and think I might get thyself to a fabric store and try it, too!

    I think about the "what if I'm..." myth every single month. Both you and I are more in the "subfertile" category, so it seems like it *could* happen, but just doesn't. My doctor even told me we should keep trying until our next IVF cycle in January. It's such a lovely thought, getting pregnant out of the blue -- and from actual sex -- isn't it? Just gotta get through this week, until you know for sure...I sure hope you become the elusive urban legend!

  7. Wow, drawers look fantastic, what an ace idea!! You little closet interior decorator you!

    I am hoping the what-ifs come true for you this month too. Double ovulation sounds very complicated, hope they get it right and give you the best chance possible. xxx

  8. The drawers are almost as gorgeous as you.

    (I LOVE the fabric inserts, by the way.)

    Holding on to the Hope for you, this month.


    Another Ikea Junkie XOXOX

  9. love the drawers with the inserts. very nice. I too love ikea (even shipping some it back to oz!).

    have my fingers crossed for you this month.

  10. LOVE the dressers...they look fabulous!

    Nothing wrong with a little hope.

    Holding you close in my thoughts and prayers...

  11. What a beautiful room!
    diversion is a splendid thing.

    I look at it this way: two good chances. Hey, you never know. Please do not hit me on the head with a rock.

    xos Kate

  12. I love your upgrade to the drawers! That was a wonderful idea. I've yet to go to Ikea - one recently opened 2 hours from me - because I fear for the addiction... I think it might be dangerous.


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