Thursday, November 12, 2009

In which doctors prove fallible.

I got cramps yesterday which continued through last night (and still today). At first I thought "ooooh, maybe my ovaries are growing more follicles!" And then I thought, "but hang on these cramps feel an awful lot like ovulation." The Big Guy suggested doing an OPK to see if there was a surge, lo and behold two glaring pink lines on the pee-stick. So then I cried and cried and cried some more (I'm getting rather sick of crying akshully). TBG and I agreed we should probably make lerv because of that stupid +OPK so as not to waste the chance. That resulted in more tears.

When I woke up this morning it was with a pit of anxiety in my stomach, a heavy heavy heart and sore eyes.

Now I am all grrrrrrr at my clinic.

I went back for the repeat scan today with my +OPK in hand only to find that my 11mm follie (on the left) was now a 21mm follie. Ummm, no ... that's not possible! Oh, and there was a recently departed follicle on the right. A never-before-seen follicle I might add. My lining - perfect, 3 layers, 11mm.

This all contradicts Doctor Dickhead Smirkface's Monday scan - apparently then I had one 11mm on the left, nothing else and a 'nothing-there' lining.

We were in there for ages and ended up being seen by the head honcho who apologised for the mismanagement of my cycle. He agreed that I probably should have been told to start the orgalutran on Tuesday/Wednesday, that I ought to have been monitored more closely and said that Doctor Dickhead Smirkface would be getting a talking to. 

And then he offered me a free flare cycle next month under his supervision to make up for this crap one. They took bloods to confirm ovulation (he thinks it definitely did happen) and my beautiful ripe 21mm follicle will be left to ovulate on its own because there's not enough time to trigger it and collect tomorrow. (They don't do pick-ups on the weekend.) So this month I get to ovulate twice (ouch, I am incredibly crampy) and wait for my period. And then start all over again. For free at least.

He also said that my ovarian response was like that of a 43 year old and that I am running out of eggs. Diminished ovarian reserve - oh yes indeed.

I am alternating between rage and despair.

Editing to add that the bloods came back positive for ovulation and I'm still not sure when my second follicle will erupt.


  1. I say, run with rage because you can channel it into action! A free cycle is a good thing, and you can bet your candy ass they'll be keeping a closer eye on the next go-round. Sorry it went down the shitter this month, but viva la next cycle!

  2. That doctor is a fuck face who needs to spend some quality time with some decent fertility nurses in order to learn how to wield a dildo cam with proficiency.

    And I am SOOO mad for you because your beautiful lining sounds perfect for implantation. It is several more mm that I have ever achieved.

    I'm crossing all (even my legs but will have to make an exception for EPU next week) that Urban Myths happen

    So angry for you.

  3. What a total cluster. It sounds like you might need to see a new RE. You deserve much better treatment then you are getting.

  4. OMG!

    I'm seething with anger for you right now!!!!

    This is totally unacceptable!

    They owe you more than just a "free" cycle!

    I'm so, so sorry but I'll keep everything crossed for a miracle.


  5. I would be absolutely livid. You are right to be angry and demand exceptional care. I hope that your fun with your dear husband just works au natural and you don't have to deal with those aholes again. Grrrrrrrrr.

  6. Well FUCK all of that Pundelina! That sucks rocks.
    Have some more sex just for the fun of it (and hey, you never know for follicle #2) and absolutely take them up on the free cycle if you need to (maybe just magically be pregnant and skip this bullshit?)
    I am so sorry, I can only imagine how you feel and oh my, that is not not not good, not at all. And Dr. FF, can blow me.

    So much for being lyrical, right now I am just mad on your behalf.

    thinking of you and hoping for a great in-your-face-Dr-FF miracle,


  7. My jaw seriously hit the floor. Hmmmpf. I have 3 words for you. Estrogen priming protocol.

  8. Oh Pundelina, I'm so sorry.

    And I am so livid for you, that is absolutely fucking unacceptable, Dr Smirkface should be FIRED!!! I agree they owe you WAY more than one free cycle.

    I am going to put all my good vibes into the miracle au naturel story you will be telling in two weeks.

  9. Argh! That sounds so frustrating! ((HUGS)) dude! (and dickhead doctor does, in fact, sound like a dickhead. How do these people get to be doctors?)

  10. Jeeeeeeesus! Did you send a 'Get Well Soon and Hand Me All Your Money' Flowers to Doctor Dickhead Smirkface ?

    It was pathetically irresponsible of him to have declared a lost case when in fact a nice flicker of hope was there...Oh God!

    Well, maybe the lervmkg was at a real good time...but whatever, the clinic is doing good by offering you the flare cycle.

    Ack Ack!


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