Sunday, September 6, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jig

Bula! 'Cause that's what we say, us Fiji-tourists.

We also say "Why yes, I will have another cocktail", "I think I'll have a nap" and "Did I get sunburned?"

We had a great time, the Big Guy and I. We slept a heap (though our bed was incredibly uncomfortable), we swam and snorkelled,

we fished (that's my first barracuda catch!)

and sailed (that's me beside the guitarist, laughing at a piece of cake).

All in all, it was the most relaxing holiday I have ever had. Ever.

But a couple of minutes ago, I injected Lucrin because, you guessed it, the magical "take a holiday and relax" pregnancy did not occur. Not that I really thought it would, but hey - I had some hope. It's the end of CD2 as I type and I start jabbing with 300iu Gonal-F tomorrow in this brave new world of the Flare cycle.

I'm taking my hope with me into this new cycle. I've noticed that hope is the new black in the IF circles. Except without being ... you know ... black. Of course. Because black is dark and deep while hope is light and airy and not black at all.

I'm going to be light and airy and hopeful. So there universe.

Oh, as an aside, I prefer Mudslides to Pina Coladas and I didn't like getting caught in the rain. And there was no midnight jiggy-jig in the sand but plenty on our hard bed.


  1. I start stimming tomorrow (Labor Day in the US) as well! Go us!

    "Hope is the new black." You should look into trademarking this. For infertility purposes, anyway. Brilliant.

  2. Whoaa thats a huge catch! The first pic is soo good. It looks so relaxing, i want to be there. Good Luck this cycle.

  3. Man oh man, I can say at this point I would gladly trade my gray Ireland vacation for your blue/sunny one! THAT LOOKS AWESOME! Best of luck on you quest to be light and airy and hopeful - I'm going to need to steal some of that light airy hopeful energy from you. Fiji helps, I'm sure.

  4. Did you eat the barracuda? Can you eat them?

    Mate I was so sure you'd come back with a holiday pregnancy.

    Anyway, glad the military rule managed to hold while you were over there. Looked shaky for a few days last week, but good to see the Commodore managed to keep his head above water.

    Excite for injecting. I much prefer to be cycling than hanging out doing eff-all.

    I had a nine week wait before this FET. NINE WEEKS!!!

  5. I think it has been raining BFPs recently in bloggy that is one rain dance I may do!

    But I do not like to get caught in the rain either. I like rain...from a dry piece of floor, and outside my window.

    Am so glad that you had so much fun...and I may even believe that you did not photoshop that fish in your hands...

  6. welcome back! I am so glad the vacation was a good one, a great one, and so sorry all of that *fun* did not result in a pregnancy.
    BUT hey, you got cake! And a barracuda!

    Seriously now, welcome back and best of luck this cycle.
    with luck I start stims tomorrow.



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