Monday, September 14, 2009

Deep breaths

I am trying not to be nervous about tomorrow's appointment with the cam. I am mostly succeeding. I keep reminding myself that I have lived through a bad outcome ... last time I had 3 follicles, a comatose right ovary and only 2 eggs retrieved ... that was crappy. But I've done that once now and should it happen again I have the hopefulness of knowing that that crappy cycle gave me two embryos to tranfer. Duds apparently, but at least we were in with a chance with them.

Deep breaths. All will be as it will be regardless of my feelings.

On a much more pissed-off note, we have been without functional heating all week. We got home from Fiji (where we were all toasty-warm) to a cold cold house in this cold cold Melbourne winter. Turned the heating on only to find an error message indicating an overheating issue and the fan blasting cold air throughout the house. This was rectified by going under the house and disconnecting the power to the heating unit.

On Monday I told the agent, who faffed around until Wednesday before sending a plumber. Plumber said "It's got an electrical fault, I can't fix that, you need the central heating people to come." He told the agent, who told the landlord. Landlord refused to get the heating people out. On Thursday I had our agent on the phone who told me to do all the overheating checks (no vents covered, ensure inlet is not blocked, turn off power - all of which I had done already) and call him back in a couple of hours. 3 hours later the heater is dead again and he finally admitted that the landlord DIDN'T BELIEVE THAT THE HEATER WAS BROKEN and won't pay for repairs. We have to fork out hundreds of dollars to get said heater fixed and then chase the landlord for the money through the rental tribunal!! Amazing. What a complete fuckwit our landlord is. It's been as low as 7 degrees Celsius (44F) here at night and we've been freezing. Heating is classed as an essential item (especially in winter) and they were supposed to have it fixed within 2-3 days. Bastards. Complete bastards.

I want a warm uterus and warm ovaries. I'm sure I read some Chinese medicine stuff about needing my precious girlie bits to be warm.


  1. Boo to no heat! I cannot tolerate being cold, or too hot for that matter - I guess I am Goldilocks. Hope it is all resolved soon.

    I hear you on the "trying not to worry after a previous crap cycle" routine. I am over-analyzing every ultrasound, every number (is it better than before? are there more follicles growing larger? aaahhh!). My academic brain tells me it only takes one good egg, but my statistical sense tells me that's so not true. I guess we will both find out next weekend give or take a day!

  2. Sorry your heater is on the fritz.

    Can you go ahead and pay for the repairs, then include copies of the receipts with your rent payment, less the cost of repairs? I was able to do this when I rented and took care of something myself. My landlord didn't mind doing that. Not sure if that will work in Australia though. I'm in the US.


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