Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eggs and bacon

IVF diet queries currently rattling around in my head.

Why am I trying to eat a high protein diet?
Why is there so much conflicting information about pineapple (bromelain & selenium containing)?
Maybe I should just be taking supplements of Brom & Se?
Ought I avoid wheat?
Should I be drinking full-fat milk?
What about chocolate, can I still gorge on eat that?
Is it worth my while to start taking CoQ10?

Will what I eat help get me pregnant? That's what I really want to know.

And fook. The injections are hurting this time round. Last cycle I think my brain was too busy thinking I was going to get a rush from the shots to bother with the ouchiness. This time my brain has realised there is no rush. Poor amazed brain, it's not dealing with all the little screaming nociceptors in my tender belly flesh so it's sending "Run for the hills" messages when the needles approach. Which is making the jabbing both painful and hesitant.

To combat this I have tried:
1. Sitting down, lining it up and slowly pushing the needles in = ouch
2. Sitting down, lining it up and then not looking as I jab myself = ouch
3. Standing up and fast-sticking myself = not-so-ouchie.

I'm going to try number 3 again tonight and see if I can repeat the non-ouch performance.

I'm feeling relaxed about this cycle (thankyou Fiji). Haven't been obsessive about the jabs, haven't googled anything about the Flare vs whatever rates. Haven't had a tizzy fit at the Big Guy, all in all (at this very early stage) I'm feeling good. Hopeful and good.

I'm due a stim scan on Monday to see how many follicles I'm growing (please God I get more than last time) so we'll see how my cool, calm and collected self is going then.

Cranky-pants vent from me - actually it's a jealous-vent. The Big Guy (@badhusband, follow him and tell him how naughty he is) is going to San Francisco at the end of October and I'm eaten alive with envy. He's off to the Google Summer of Code Mentors conference cause he's a Big Clever and Helpful Guy and his open-source program/organisation participated in the SoC. I was going to be going with him but then we did the Fiji thing because we're complete suckers and we got talked into a stupid Wyndham vacation trial (don't do it, it's not worth it in the end) and the only place we could book was Fiji and so we went there and now he's going to the USA without me.

Without ME. Can you believe it? Why can't we be kazillionaires and have me go too?


  1. Are you giving yourself the PIO's? YOUCH. I haven't done that. Ivan does my IM shots. I did have to do sub cu's when he went fishing in Canada during our last cycle. NEVER thought I could do that but I had no choice...and it wasn't bad at all...used my thigh. Sending good wishes for lots of follicles!

  2. There is so much conflicting information out there about everything. The shots hurt me less if I stand up and do it fast. I hope Monday goes well for you and I also hope we don't have to go through this again.

  3. I stand up and try to do it fast - are we still talking about injections? ;) I tried the menopur in two jabs today, 0.5 cc each instead of the 1 cc altogether. I believe these needles only have one jab in them, as it was WORSE to repoke than to endure the entire 1 cc smooshing in. Frak. And I am down with the eggs and sausage breakfast, protein smoothie for lunch and whatever for dinner plan. I have read drink full fat milk, drink no milk, yada, yada, yada. I don't drink much dairy so I will just go low to moderate. I've read about L-arginine but am just not into supplements. I loathe pineapple, but I may try to get some down around transfer time. It can be one of a long line of sacrifices I can moan about martydom-style once the kid is born. :) I am willing to buy into a certain amount of folklore to make this shite work.

  4. I have yet to give myself any shots - I am such a chicken..... I start lupron on the 14th! I will be following you and your journey!!

  5. Hi! thanks for your comment. I found that ice helps. I ice my belly just a little dry it off (pat it) the pinch the skin and inject. It nips rather than hurts.


  6. Remember the tip I gave you last have to sing out like the earth won't be turning the next moment or ever.

    Have no idea about the doubts that you are having, but pineapple is certainly discouraged...I am not too sure why though...and remember...excess is denied...not a few slices or something.

    And oh...try the third one...sorry for the prick that the needles are!

  7. I think Pineapple is the most confusing. It helps implantation but is to be avoided after implantation. Yeah, Right!

  8. Hmmm, put some ads on your blog. Maybe you'll make enough money for a plane ticket to San Fran. ;-) Regarding your dietary conundrum, um, remember what the Irish say: meat and dairy! Meat and dairy! Meat and dairy!

  9. I can so empathise on the trip stuff. I missed two trips because of stupid IVF shite. Not that I was actually on a cycle, just waiting waiting waiting and couldn't commit to anything in case I got my period. Sucks.

    But yay for high protein diets. I'm doing one myself but know nothing about pineapple. CQ10 yes you should take it, but stop at EPU. But I don't know how good it is right now. You need to start that shiz earlier than CD4. Like months, KNIM?

    I'm so light and positive and hopeful and joyous and excited for you. So unlike my usual negative self.

  10. Welcome back from vacation...loved seeing the pics! That was a BIG fish!

    Hope that you find a non-painful injection site, soon.

    Grow, follies, GROW!


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