Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The lovely Dr L.

The Lovely Dr L. says that I should be pregnant already.

The Lovely Dr L. says my eggs are fine, the Big Guy's swimmers are fine and the next thing to check is my tubes. He can put me on the public list but it will probably be about a year before I can get public laproscopic treatment surgery.

This brings me to my oh-my-god-the-public-health-system-in-Australia-for-non-life-threatening-issues-sucks rant.

Actually that is the rant.

12 months to get tubes unblocked or fix whatever might be wrong in there? I am nearly an old, decrepit, ancient lady in egg-years, another 12 months could be too long. So I bit the bullet and have proffered my body and my bank account to the Lovely Dr L. for his kind ministrations in mid-January.

Here's hoping I get the Christmas present of all time this year - a big fat shiny positive home pregnancy test on Christmas Day. That would totally be the most excellent gift ever. Alternately, I'll be drinking heavily on Christmas Day.

It's a win-win situation really. Ha! I must look at it like that so I don't have an awful Christmas if I don't get a positive test. But there's chance, surely?

Oh, and I wish I had worked harder in Year 12 and actually made it into med school, the Lovely Dr L. is raking in $18 per minute and he gets to make people's dreams come true. What a sweet job.

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