Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I hate Outpatients Clinic D

I booked an appointment with the fertility specialist in early September. I've been (strangely) looking forward to this appointment so the Big Guy and I can get a hustle on and maybe discover why we're not up the duff yet. My long-awaited appointment was for 2:15pm on Tuesday 9th December.

I got a call today at 4pm from the receptionist at the clinic and they've cancelled all the appointments for tomorrow!!! Tomorrow was the last clinic for the year and she said the next appointment I could have would be April 21st 2009. cry1.gif

APRIL rant.gif My GP said he would have been ropeable (great word that, inspires pictures of him trussed up like a spit-roast pig) - I on the other hand was too busy crying and being sympathetic to the poor receptionist who had to ruin 30 women's days with the bad news.

She said they'd only just found out that the doctors wouldn't be there and she's had to reschedule everyone. And by re-schedule she meant find the next available appointment ... in one fell swoop I moved from the head of the queue to the very end. Can you believe April? Not reschedule and put us in ASAP cause I've waited so long already - but bump me all the way to the back of the line. Surely that's patently unfair???

I was so incredibly upset. Really, very, completely upset. I haven't been crying about all this trying-to-conceive-failure-rubbish all year. Keeping it together nicely. Until today - I had a big meltdown cry1.gif just like my little crying emoticon.

An hour later, I gathered my wits about me and called my GP (yes, the ropeable one) who referred me to a private specialist (who also does public) and his lovely receptionist listened to my sob story and squashed me into an appointment on Friday. So now it's going to cost us a packet of cash but at least I'll get an initial appointment and once-over and see if he can get me into the laproscopy clinic as a public patient soon.

Is the universe conspiring against the Big Guy and I? Is it a sign that we can't even have the specialist appointment work out for us? I hope not.

Speaking of signs, this is my 12th cycle and I'm now going to see the specialist on the 12th of the 12th.

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