Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Excitement and 5 year olds

The excitement is mine.

I got high distinctions for my two final theory subjects - my average is sitting at 87 which makes me eligible for a scholarship and entry into a doctoral program should I choose to go that way.

Yay me!

The 5 year old is also mine. And by God I adore that child. He's being baptised in the coming weeks (yes, I'm a Mick and so will he be) and I told him about his godfather today.

"So, sweetie, Big-Man Barry will be your Godfather."

The Little Guy promptly burst into heart-wrenching sobs and tearily mumbled, "But I don't want another father, I only want 'the Big Guy' and Daddy!"

Poor little darlin', I do believe he thought I was leaving the Big Guy and marrying again. Upending his little world and giving him yet another father. It took a while to settle him and help him understand that Barry would just be a church-father. Too cute.

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