Sunday, December 7, 2008

Black Pedro

Hello visitor! You have arrived at one of the most popular posts in my blog. I'm not sure what drew you here - perhaps your own mother used to scare you with threats of Black Pedro or perhaps you just thought the title was intriguing. :o) So now I'm intrigued - leave me a comment letting me know where you heard about Black Pedro, why you're here. Pretty please.

 Does anyone else know about Black Pedro? (Zwarte Piet.)

I tell The Little Guy that he'd better be good so Santa Claus (SinterklaasSaint Nicholas) can come give him presents rather than Black Pedro giving him presents. You don't want Black Pedro to visit you - he'll bring you a lump of coal or maybe give you a thump in the head. (I don't tell the Little Guy that he'll get a thump in the head though!) Traditionally, naughty children were threatened with abduction by Black Pete.

TLG gets a measure of terrified delight from the stories of Black Pedro (told in my bad husky Spanish accent) and retorts that he wouldn't mind a piece of coal for Christmas. I don't think he knows what coal is though.

(Photo from wikipedia creative commons - Zwarte Piet)

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