Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas and humbugs

Christmas is almost over for the Big Guy and I this year. In fact, dare I say it, we are done right about now.

Why so early you may ask?

We are childless for Christmas this year and the Big Guy's family did their Christmas partays last weekend when we were all kidded-up. We had the luncheons (yum) and the kids opened pressies, were not overloaded (hooray) and had a lovely time playing with their cousins.

On the morning of Sunday the 21st we trashed our own house with Christmas wrap and presents and happily put together various electronic and block devices. We opened the Wii and introduced:
  1. the Little Guy to the wonders of Wii boxing (in which he is allowed to hit a virtual person as hard as he is able)
  2. the Middle Guy to the Wii Fit (in which he discovers that getting fit can be fun) and
  3. the Perfect Child (that's my step-daughter, the second youngest) to the joys of Wii Tennis (in which she can actually make contact between a ball and a racket).
The children proclaimed their delirious happiness at receiving a computer game in this the "Children-Should-Be-Luddites" household. We are pretty fierce at protecting our youngsters from the seductive tones of gaming devices but this year decided that a Wii met us half-way. Now we get to see our small people behaving as though they have a Chorea while they dance and bounce and whack their way through the games on the Wii.

Anyhoo, all this Christmas spirit is now used up, the children have been deposited with their respective other parents and will not return til after Chrissymouse Day. The Little Guy gets collected on Boxing Day and the other two on the 27th. So the Big Guy and I are left to ponder a solo Chrissymouse and wonder what on earth we did BK (before kids). We realised that we went to family Christmas celebrations in the old days, however no family has invited us anywhere on the Day. (Listen to the sound of the violins playing their sad, sad song and wipe my tears away puh-leeze.)

We shall survive and when I find myself drifting towards the sorry-for-self-stage I remember to remind myself that their are others in far, far worse situations.

All told, we had a pretty great (early) Christmas weekend with the kids.

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