Monday, December 29, 2008

Can a control freak stop?

We're on holiday with my mother's family at the moment and I've realised I am a control freak when it comes to the Little Guy's behaviour. I remember the drive to my mother's family when I was a child, as we drew nearer my grandparents house the aura in our car became full of threat and desperate intention. Both my mother's. She warned me to be polite and to speak nicely, to request nothing, to behave and do as I was told and to ensure that I did not tell any 'private business' to the family. That last part loosely translates as "tell them about my boyfriend or social life including the fact that I smoke and your life won't be worth living."

It seems that those lessons have been impregnated on my psyche because here, on holiday with Mum and her family, I find myself threatening the Little Guy in a similar fashion. My concern is manners. Eating nicely, being well-behaved, obeying instructions ASAP and generally toning down his youthful exuberance. I want him to behave well so that both Mum and I look good in front of family.

Which is a pity really, I remember loathing the talks from my Mum and now I'm doing it to my son. I need to take a chill-pill and be ok with his kid-ish-ness. He's just a kid after all.

The Big Guy arrives tomorrow with his two kids and I will endeavour to relax and not mind the inevitable childish behaviour that ensues when all three children are together.

On a different matter, the Little Guy is getting quite good at swimming. He's so cute flailing around in the water. He thrashes and kicks spasmodically and manages both to avoid drowning and to get himself across the pool. His overarm is almost worthy of the moniker! He saved me today which involved holding my arm and towing me to the side of the pool. Too sweet. He's competitive too - loves a race across the little pool and naturally he always wins despite his somewhat slowing habit of looking over his shoulder to see where the competition is at all times. Mum and I were in fits of laughter over this today.

He is such a happy, sunny child. Keeps trying and trying to the point of exhaustion. He's always been like that and I am so glad he has such a huge dose of perseverance in his personality - it will take him far.

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