Monday, June 14, 2010

Low expectations = no tears

I went with a churning gut and sat for far too long waiting for the scan. It's a public holiday here and they had a problem with the doctors so I waited for over an hour - which did great things for my controlled-anxiety!

Mad Hatter's Energy Man told her to be in the present so I have been doing my best to be here too. My head provided me with the perfect (repeating) soundtrack, so for the past few days I've been listening to this

and this

My freefall scan resulted in two follicles - both on the left. (Nighty-nighty little righty. I think it's gone to sleep for good now.) I am the proud owner of a 15mm and a 12mm and have been asked to return on Wednesday to check on their progress, with a view to triggering on Wednesday for a Friday pickup. And no tears leaving this scan which is a pleasant eventuality!

Please, Universe, let one of these eggs be the magic egg.


  1. Well done on staying in the present and going with what "is" instead of worrying about what "might not be"! And a big yay for two follicles growing at close to the same rate and to looking forward to triggering! Wishing with all my might that one or both are magic!

  2. Two ripening follicles, grow to perfection! One of you is baby Pundy!

  3. Funny, same bday, same secondary IF, AND same kaput right ovary! I think we are twins.

    2 is good. That is one more than fertile women have each month (usually. Good luck! I really hope one of these is a good one, or maybe both.

  4. It only takes one! Grow follies, grow! Glad to hear you felt better after this scan.

  5. Yay for good follicles...I loved that FatBoy Slim song...thanks for reminding!

  6. Yay for 2 nice size follies!

    Grow, follies, GROW!

    The cupcakes you made looked delish! I hope you enjoyed them!

    Hoping, wishing, and praying for you...


  7. Seriously, universe! Pay attention already. In the meantime, I hope those magic eggs grow like ...well, not quite like crazy, but like just crazy enough.

  8. I have everything crossed!

  9. I am crossing everything for those two. I've bandied this anecdote high and low, and now I'll bandy it a bit further: my SIL had 2 lonely follicles after repeated IVF BFN's, and those 2 became her twin boys.

    Thinking very, very good thoughts. Living right here, and right now = GOOD.

  10. I listen to that song when I exercise.

  11. good luck! everything crossed

  12. crossing everything and hoping that one of them is indeed the magic egg.


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