Thursday, November 6, 2008

Work, patience and acid.

Went back to work today. Wow, doesn't 10 days away make a traffic jam of paperwork on the freeway that is my desk.

Though I've got a Bachelor of Behavioural Neuroscience and I'm on the psych-registration pathway, my research assistant job is in Health Economics. I've never had much to do with the economics of health except to say "it's too expensive at the dentist" on a semi-annual basis.

However, now I do have to do with it ... and it's a bit of a crock really. I can hardly believe there's a field of people out there trying to make a science of economic theory. It barely holds theories let alone transforming into a bona fide, ridgy-didge, empirically-based science. Almost as quirky as astrological science. Almost.

Read all about it here.

Are there mothers out there who are unfailingly patient with their small ones? If there are I take my hat off to them. I, on the other hand, am so snappy sometimes! Today I was Dame Snap with the Little Guy.

I blame it on the lurid green lollipop his best friend's grandma gave them both after kinder today. Though I loathe him eating foods coloured so that if they were in nature (like growing on a lollipop tree) they'd be screaming "I'm poisonous" I didn't feel as though I could deny him in the face of the Amazing-J and his assortment of carers. The Amazing-J is the Little Guy's hero. His absolute most bestest friend who he tries desperately to impress at any opportunity.

As I arrived to collect the Little Guy, the Amazing-J's family were opening the aforementioned oh-so-obviously poisonous pops. What joy for a deprived boy! He ran around like a maniac for the next hour then crashed and was whiny and whingy and annoying for the remainder of the day. I can remember being like that after taking some bad acid in my drug-addled twenties - all crazy happy 'til I started coming down whereupon I crashed and freaked out.

The Little Guy came down from his sugar high with a bang and after dealing with him patiently for ages I snapped. Beat me for my bad mothering puh-leeze.

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