Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas shopping

We have a kazillion relatives (seriously) and for some time now the Big Guy's family have done a Kris Kringle list for his side so that we adults only buy one present and receive one present. It's a great idea and stops the harried "what on earth do I buy Aunt Hilda who I barely know and rarely see" present hunting. The Big Guy set up a webpage for the family where everyone can log in and write down what they'd like from their secret Kris Kringle.

This year I've listed "clean drinking water" as my preferred gift.

I've decided (as have the Big Guy and his Mum) that I have more than enough and I'd like my 'gift' to go to someone less fortunate. The button above takes you to the Smiles catalogue, operated by World Vision. You can make a donation and 'buy' water, or a goat, or a hen or even a school amongst other things.

So in the spirit of Christmas and what it truly represents, I am urging everyone to buy/request Smiles gifts this year.

Forgo consumerism and embrace charity. How about it?

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