Sunday, November 9, 2008

Movies, parking, babies and cake

The Big Guy and I have had a movie-marathon weekend so far. We've been absolutely kidless and we've watched two hits, an ok and a miss.

Hit - Cloverfield - Great movie, totally unbelievable, loved the hand-held-ish camera work and the psychotic Clover.

Hit - Ira and Abby - also great. Funny, clever, sweet movie about relationships. Quite Woody Allen-esque.

Ok - Evan Almighty - we tried it out 'cause we liked Bruce Almighty and we like Steve Carell. Although we laughed some, we agreed that it wasn't as good as BA and that it was a bit too contrived.

Miss - Gabriel - OMG do NOT rent this movie. Unless you like movies featuring wooden acting, weirdly cut fight scenes, too much blood and a totally game-ish feel. We didn't even watch the whole thing but started skipping through it after about 20 minutes. Blech. That one left a bad taste in my mouth.

The other thing we did on Friday night and Saturday was hit the shopping centres in search of pale shoes for me, a 11th birthday present for the Medium Guy and the beginnings of Christmas shopping. All three goals achieved but only after fighting through some seriously awful shopping centre carparks. We hunted for ages for carparks and I have decided that (at least for the two major centres near us) that it is now perpetual Christmas-parking-traffic at these places. Admittedly they are enormous centres and feed a large catchment - but it is truly horrid to get parking. On another dark note I tried on swimsuits and was completely destroyed by the enormous mirrors, fluoro lights and my pasty, bumpy body. Why don't they put nice lighting and skinny mirrors in change rooms. Surely they'd sell more clothes!

Went to this kooky site the other day to find that we had a great chance of conceiving a healthy girl baby in the 24 hrs leading up to 7:22pm, Saturday 8th November. Yup, we've had a great weekend so far!

To top off Saturday night I made a cake for my Mum's birthday tomorrow. Must remember to post my yellow curry recipe.

And finally here's a pic of the Big Guy's eye - amazing eyes he has, little suns in the middle of the greeny blue sky.

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