Sunday, May 1, 2011

I made awesome rainbow cake

I did it! You may remember that I said I would and this weekend I did! And it was awesome. So awesome I can't hardly believe I managed it.

Don't you just love these batter bowls? I do!

I used a ton of icing in this, so much that the kids were mostly defeated by their slices.

Our gorgeous girl turned 11 - how can that be possible?

The slice emerged to the sounds of excitement and appreciation - and the kids liked it too ;)

Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Because they're AWESOME!

Thank you to Whisk Kid and her inspirational post. The cake was a hit with everyone and I was pronounced an awesome cake-maker and an awesome Step-Mother. Booyah!


  1. Holy shizznit, that is awesome! Now I totally want one....

  2. Um, this cake is GORGEOUS TO BADASS PROPORTIONS. Seriously, the batter bowl picture gives me a culinary boner.

    I LOVE how bold the colors came out! Everytime I use any kind of food coloring it always comes out looking like some wimpy pastel version of what I'm looking for.

    Happy birthday, Miss 11 Years!

  3. Niiiiiice job! You're inspiring me to want to try and bake something like this (I may have actually said that last time you posted this but this time I *mean* it!). I mean how could the kids not be impressed?! That's a mahvelous cake, daaahling! Way to go awesome cake-maker and Stepmama! ;)

  4. totally impressive (esp to someone who cannot really cook or bake). You are step mother of the year for sure. Great job.

  5. that looks awesome, want want want

  6. OH WOW!!! You are, you are, Totally awesome!

  7. That is AWESOME. I've seen those and love them.

  8. OMG that is fabulous! You are my hero, I am SO going to have to make this cake someday. I seem to remember your first post about it and begging for photographic evidence, so for coming through I say thanks! Hope it was as delicious as it looked.

    Happy 11th to the gorgeous girl too!

  9. It is gorgeous. Patissiere extraordinaire!

    I made one for the Monkey's 4th birthday party and loved it to bits. So glad I used cream instead of icing for the all over thing though - it was hellishly sweet!

  10. Oh that is amazing. I always wondered whether you did, and just never posted about it? That puts my lamington cake to shame. Stepmama of the year and Best Wifey Award for sure. :)

  11. You are AMAZING!! I am in awe if you.

  12. Oh. My. Goodness. It is incredible. You are incredible. I am going to think about pictures of that cake for WEEKS now. I would KILL for a piece, and not just because I am not eating sugar, wheat and dairy!

  13. The best thing about batter bowls is being able to run a finger and lick it out!

    That cake came out beautifully! You did an awesome job!

    Congratulations! Master Chickeh Trainer Cake Maker! :-)


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