Monday, May 23, 2011


And feeling it.

Thank you for your surprise birthday wishes on my last post - t'was very unexpected.

I'd been doing my best to ignore it. But it happened to me anyway and here I am, living the final year of my thirties and bleeding after nookie on CD12. Hello peri-menopause how I hate thee.

Woe is me. If I wasn't feeling so woeful 'd tell you about the lovely birthday dinner I had with friends (I did, it was) or how sometime yesterday I thought to myself how much worse it could all be (like my entire 20s) or how the song I sang to the Little Guy (my best beloved) at bedtime last night (10:30pm after our dinner out) was "Happy Birthday to me" and at the end he hooray-ed and piped up with his new catchphrase "cha-cha-cha!"

I'd tell you about how gorgeous my husband is, how he tries so hard with all his loving of me and he wins. His whole self is For The Win. He left me notes scattered around the house yesterday, detailing his love and all the reasons why. He loves me so well. And just now as I cried softly on his shoulder, bleeding and definitely not, he cradled me and was gentle with my silly old self.


  1. Happy Birthday, again!!

    I am so glad your hubby is married to such a wonderful person, and vice versa too.:-D

    And so sorry about that stupid AF leading to a ray of hope that was horribly vanquished. That is stupido!

  2. awww, belated burfday wishes.

    Your bloke sounds awesome, ftw himself

  3. wishing you a very happy birthday, sweetie. I am glad you have your husband to take such good care of you... thinking of you...

  4. It sounds like you have an amazing husband and Little Guy. And I am so glad you had a good birthday with friends.

    I hope the next year brings you joy, laughter, and much goodness.

  5. What a wonderful husband. You are truly blessed. The dinner with friends sounds lovely. Some more birthday wishes, and a lovely slice of cake too.


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