Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Eagle has Landed

Hi there bloggedy-friends!

How nice to see you again, whatcho bin doin'?


Great! That's just great.


Oh, you know ... HANDING IN MY THESIS!!!! That kind of thing.

Yes, I has handed the fat fooker in and I say fat in the truest sense of the wordy word. 161 pages of written evidence that I thought too hard about EEGs and depression. Whilst depressed. How's that for a mindfuck.

The Big Guy bought my some pretty roses and took me out for delicious dinner and now here I am ... all free and stuff.
So now I say to the Universe - now I am done with the thesis shite can I puh-leeze get pregnant. I shall be far far more relaxed now. Surely that will help. And, Universe, if you were trying to keep me on the path to psychology by not letting me have a baby and stop doing Honours, then you've done a sterling job.  Really, a cracker of a job stopping pregnancy and keeping me finishing my studies.

But it's ok now, Universe, I can have a baby now, it won't be interrupting anything.



  1. Congrats!!! What a huge accomplishment. (Now, universe, listen to the lady...and do what she says, mmkay?)

  2. Seriously, congratulations. That's a major accomplishment! Yeah, no time like the present Miss Fate. Bring on the babies!

  3. Congratulations! This is a huge achievement. Well done indeed.

    (And, seriously, Universe...if you're would be a good time for're playing it very coy indeed with a lot of ladies around here...time to start doling out the babies!!)

  4. Congratulations!!!!

    Well, as a fellow procrastinator-on-thesis-writing I can fully understand the weight that must have vanished off your shoulders!

    You must be sooooooooo relaxed.

    When do you get to defend you thesis? How long would the review of your thesis last?

    All the very very very best!

    And kids for you. Please God. And me too. Please God.

  5. Yeah, I'd like to get the Universe in a headlock right about now. She and I go waaay back.
    Glad to hear that you can finally chill out and relax!

  6. Congratulations!!!! I'll always remember that day. First, printing it was so exciting! I wish I'd taken pictures of the printer reeling off my thesis, I really do. A friend of mine did this, and I am quite jealous. Then I put it in a box and took it to some weird lady in some weird office that I'd never seen before. She accepted it with a smile and a 'thank you!', and that was it! No fanfare, but I walked out of that weird office door free as a bird.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog about sperm storage. I am just not sure that humans have such a sperm storage organ. Like, I know that some species can store sperm for up to several months in specialized caeca branching off of their oviducts, where they nourish them and everything... but definitely not us. But your passage gave me some keywords to look up, and I'll let you know if I do manage to locate the human sperm storage organ!! All very confusing...

  7. Congratulations! It must be such a relief to get that out of your hair, home, mind etc!

    Now I hope the Universe does see fit to reward you...


  8. Congrats!! That should lessen your stress levels. Enjoy your success. Now that it is out of the way you can focus on the baby thing.


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