Monday, March 8, 2010

Dreams, Doozers and Beds

Every year the Big Guy's Mum organises all the family, close and extended to go up to their ski lodge and have a long weekend away. This year the family pickings were slim, what with SIL #2 having just delivered their baby, the reliable cousin busy organising her wedding, SIL #1 moving house and BIL off surfing. So the long weekend this year was just us five, MIL, FIL, SIL #3 and her two kids, FIL's brother and his daughter and grand-daughter. (What an acronym-rich post).

Last time we all went up it went like this. I must have wiped out the mattresses from my memory because OH MY GOD those things are rocks!!!!

So this time, we go up there and TBG promises me that they will all leave the lodge for activities during the daytime and I will be able to work - because, as you know, I have this looming deadline and I'm scrambling around trying to meet it.

Day 1 - fine-ish ... I'd slept like crap the night before and was sore and a bit hung-over, but they all left for about 4 hours during the day and I got quite a lot of work done. Yay.  Then we grown-ups sat around playing games 'til the wee hours and went to bed. Where I proceeded to have the weirdest and most devastating dream.

TBG and I had decided to kill ourselves by drinking raspberry-cordial-flavoured-unknown-poison we bought from some guy on the street. We were laying in a bed together having drunk the poison, waiting to slip into unconsciousness and die when I realised I could feel the baby girl I was 18 weeks pregnant with kicking me. (WTF?) And then I panicked. (Naturally). I started having second thoughts about our suicide pact and I wondered if I called an ambulance if they could identify the poison and fix us in time. TBG was unconscious beside me and so I shook him and shook him to rouse him and when he sleepily opened his eyes I told him about my second thoughts and asked him what he wanted me to do. He mumbled that he just wanted to be left alone to die.

And then I woke up. I was emotionally crushed for a second and very very sad and then I realised it had been a dream and I rolled over to find my beloved, sleeping, alive husband to wake him up and get cuddled. I didn't sleep much more that night. Got up grumpy, still affected by the dream and then it rained and all the outdoor activities were cancelled.


FIL's brother's daughter offered to drop me home as she was leaving that day and so after lunch we drove the 3.5 hours home. We spoke of my conception dramas and she felt the need to tell me that "some things are just not meant to be". Well, that sent me right off. I politely but firmly told her that the "meant to be" line was crap and surely she didn't think that toddler Gurshan Singh was "meant to die" and so if not, then what was happening to me was not "meant to be" but just really bad luck. She agreed. Possibly, now I recount that, I wasn't so polite. But whatever.

When I got home I spoke lovingly to my own darling gentle bed, finished off writing up the results 
section of my report, emailed it to my supervisor (who will be surprised to get mail from me at 2:30am) and now here I am.

Randomly rambling.

Why on earth was pregnant-me wanting to commit suicide. I wasn't aware of the pregnancy until I drank the poison and laid down, what a freaky thing to dream.

But not as freaky as the time I dreamed I was all dressed in white in a pseudo-churchy place in amongst an audience of similarly-white-clothed young women. Then this handsome, goateed man up front pointed at me and said, "Her."
And right then I knew that the devil had just chosen me to be his bride.

I really dream some doozies.

Speaking of doozies, did any of you ever watch Fraggle Rock - I completely loved the Doozers. They were so totally cute!

So questions for the peanut gallery ... I'd really love some answers!

  1. What's the weirdest dream you can remember?
  2. Did you like the Fraggles?
  3. What are your recommendations for making hard horrid beds comfortable (because, come next March I'll be going up that mountain again to sleep on that cruddy mattress)?


  1. 1) no answer, can't remember
    2) LOVE Fraggles!
    3) get a pillow mattress topper to take with you and put over the hard mattress, under the sheets.

  2. Here from Mel's Ungame Comment Chain.

    1. All I remember is that it involved a gorilla.

    2. I didn't get the channel the Fraggles were on as a kid, so I didn't watch them much. I liked them in theory.

    3. Egg crate?

  3. As soon as I saw your post's title, I wondered if you meant the fraggle Rock Doozers, and yes! I loved them!

    1)Weirdest dream - a recurring theme dream I often have where I have to desperately go to the toilet and I usually have to do this with the indignity of someone watching, sometimes alot of people. No door on toilet, in the middle of a crowd, etc etc. I usually hang on til a almost bust! Probably some weird childhood fear hangover....

    2) Loved Fraggles, Love anything Jim Hensonish. Like Bear in the Big Blue House right now.

    3) extra doona to place over rock hard mattress and sleep on top of.

  4. Well, I would say that you survived the trip quite well. I would have smiled at the bride dream, but I know that if I would have been through the poison dream, I would have been pretty shaken up myself.

    I have read about the toddler's death. I feel very bad for his family...there are also several stories of other attacks on Indians, and I don't know the veracity of the whole 'racialism' thing.

    I have had my share of bizarre dreams involving children jumping into the sea, or me being carted off to my death in a public transport vehicle.

    I vaguely remember the Fraggles.

    I think you could carry your own bedding/ mattress/ pillows/ blankets....

  5. Sweet Pundy, you weren't being rude to that chick at all, the one who said "meant to be."

    Some things are not meant to be at all. Some things are so hard, terrible, unforgiving, jawdropping .... Universe does not send us those things. Chance does.

    "Worries for another day ... let the music play ... (clap clap) .... down at Fraggle Rock."

    I loved the All Knowing Trash Heap.

    I also love your dream, and think it was very positive. It has not much to do with your hubbie, so don't worry -he doesn't really want to die. I think the thought of not having a baby makes you feel like you want to die. That is a deep pain, man.

    But what's great is you were pregnant in your dream - very specifically pregnant, too. And then you didn't want to die.

    Just call me Ms Dream Analyser.

    Love to you mate XOXOX

  6. I had a dream this weekend actually that totally shook me up! I moved in with a guy who was creepy and not attractive and emotionally abusive - I was actually dating him. He kept ordering me around like a slave. I woke up all freaked out because I would never date a guy like that... I still can't figure out what that one meant!

  7. Super husband has doozer dreams like that. Crazy stuff. I almost never remember a dream unless it was really upsetting.

    I loved the Fraggles as a kid. It was the highlight of my week when it came on TV. I was at just the right age to really love them.

    You need a topper. Maybe a nice memory foam or a down or wool topper. I have a wool topper and I like it a lot, I tend to sweat with anything that is "foam" on the bed. A natural latex topper might be just the ticket too.

  8. OK, wow. That's a lot to think about on a lazy Saturday morning, Pundelina. 1) Dream: that I had a baby who looked exactly like grown-up Jerry Seinfeld in the face. 2) Fraggles - nope. Don't like'em. They give me the heeby jeebies. 3) Bed: Drink a lot of booze before bed, and you'll sleep through anything. Even a rock-hard mattress.

  9. Thanks for the sweet comment and advice about the Gonal-f! You're the best! ;)

  10. That WAS a doozy of a dream. Terrible. And the bedding conditions can't have helped. I admit to laughing about the devil dream, though. He sounded quite fetching.

    Just getting caught up on your posts so this is late, but here's my weirdest dream: my husband and I were sitting on the edge of an iceberg watching two polar bears on an adjoining iceberg. I nearly slipped but DH grabbed me to prevent me from going down down down into the cold water. On the other iceberg, one of the polar bears was not so lucky and slipped into the water and drowned. (How did I know this in that instant? No idea. It was dream logic). The dead polar bear's wife went sniffing around, looking for her polar bear husband, not realizing what had happened, that he was no more. It was awful and I woke up shouting. Clearly, I fear losing my polar mate. Clearly, I need to get my head checked one of these days...


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