Friday, April 8, 2011

For your viewing pleasure

I'm particularly fond of these six.

#2 - who did they kill and why are they all so happy?
#8 - the best kind of stalkers
#10 - no words for this
#22 - why?why?why?
#28 - she's so adoring
#46 - olde-time-math-nerds

Tell me which are your faves and why :)


  1. Somebody shared it on FB a while ago and that's when I had seen them...they are weird and funny!

  2. 3 (who and why. needs more contrast though), 23 (I would love to know what the context was) and 41 (child in a crab pot? wtf?)

    Its hard to give the why, its the immediate visual impact of most of them, a generalised wtf.

    And whats with alll the children smoking cigs? Looks so wrong, but probably normal back then!

  3. #16. The expression on the piggie's face is priceless. And MUST have been retouched:)


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