Thursday, November 18, 2010

Books and places

Jenn's post today was a simple one about her day reading. But reading it brought up so many memories for me. Jenn's been reading LM Montgomery's Emily of New Moon and I remembered my childhood desire to visit Prince Edward Island and see where Anne (and Emily and Rilla and all the rest) lived.  To tread the ground my fictional friends trod on, see their sights, feel a snatch of their lives.  I had a list as a kid, of character's places I wanted to go to.
- Prince Edward Island (because of Anne)
- the Hudson Valley and the Catskills (because of Trixie Belden)
- the Lake District (because of Swallows and Amazons)
- Berlin (because of Emil and the Detectives)
- Sweden (because of Emil and the Soup Tureen)
- the Norwegian countryside (because of Mrs Pepperpot)
- the forests of Finland (because of Finn Family Moomintroll)

When I got older, I expanded my character's-places list to include TV and film friends.

- Crabapple Cove in Maine (because of Hawkeye Pierce)
- Monte Carlo (because of Herbie goes to Monte Carlo)
- Rome (because of La Dolce Vita)

One of those dreams is coming true in 5 weeks. Italia, sto arrivando!

Editing to add: if you don't already read Allie at Hyperbole and a Half, today is a perfect day to start - I LOLed so hard I cried while reading her latest post :D


  1. Why did Jim and Trixie never kiss? I swear I read all 39 or whatever books it was waiting for *something* to happen lol.

  2. Ooh...have fun on your Italian vacation...

    I have always had a fantasy for Disneyland...someday that would be a dream come true...and Russia too!

  3. I went to PEI a couple years ago for the first time. LOVED IT!

    I hope the trip to Italy is wonderful!

  4. Ah, Anne and Emily. And Trixie! I loved Trixie. And the Famous Fives. Made me disappointed that I had such a boring life that I never got to solve a nice juicy mystery:)

    And Italy!! Yummy pasta, yummy wine, yummy cheese! (And all the nice, non-food-related things)...LOVELY.


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