Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's beer o'clock at our house

I have developed a fondness for beer! Who would have thought it? Not me, because vino has been my drink of choice for about 10 years now, but I've started getting ill from it - I think it's the acidity, but whatevs, I'm lovin' the beer. Especially this beer, it's soooo yummy.

OK. Update time for teh crazy shemozzle of teh Ph.D in crazy.

So, you'll all be pleased to know that the admissions officer for the Mas.ters and the post-grad research admissions officer have been communicating. Because of moi!!! You see, the website that bosses potential students around and corrals them into the appropriate online/hardcopy applications wuz WRONG. And no one knew this 'til poor ol' me applied for the WRONG thing in the WRONG form because the CAPTAIN-WRONGY-PANTS webpage told me too. (Possibly that's enough virtual shouting.)

I submitted my spiffy application for the Ph.D/Mas.ters combo just like the page told me too, with exactly the right eligibility requirements it told me I needed. But the day after the applications had closed (for every post-grad course across my state!) the AO emailed me to tell me that I wasn't able to apply for it, I needed to apply for a standard Mas.ters first, get straight As and then apply for PhD candidature at the end of first year. Oh, and no scholarship for the Mas.ters because it's coursework, not research. I couldn't understand how I had missed the vital eligibility requirement stating that I had to start a Masters first until I went to the webpage to check and found that I'd read it right the first time - according to it I just needed first-class honours to apply. Which I had, so howdy doody to that. I got back in touch with the AO and explained my findings and he said "Ooooh, it's a new course, I'll have to check that out!" Which he did, but his reply was still the same. Masters first, webpage WRONGO.

I could keep relating the back-and-forth exchanges, which involve a couple of prissy women with too much power and cats-bum mouths, but I'll stop there because of the boring awfulness of those exchanges and the result is what matters.

I have applied for the Masters course (late, but that's ok, they're letting me do that because of their wrongnosity). My potential Ph.D supervisor said he'll just pay me the cash he would have used as a top-up scholarship so at least I'll get $20,000 for first year. After which if I excel (eeeeek, I'm sick of excelling, the pressure is unbearable and a B is not a bad mark in the real world) I can apply to change over to the Ph.D, get the proper moola and sally forth. He also said that he's the one who decides whether the topic is suitable because he's the supervisor and he says it is, so there. He also said he'll get the Dean of the Faculty onside so it'll probably be fine.

So it's turned out to not be all terrible awfulness. Just kinda messy and shemozzley, but finalised for now.

And as for my Mama, her appointment with the GYN specialist is on the 1st December and she'll get a plan of action there. Her abdominal/low back pains are possibly colon-related (colitis or diverticulitis maybe) so she's off for a colonoscopy Friday week. I hope they figure it out because she's sick of the pain and sick of feeling crap.  Thanks for the kind thoughts.

In other news we have a chickeh who lays soft-shelled eggs (Sparkles we think). They're usually broken when I go to check the egg box, but today there was an intact one.  They're very weird to look at, they feel so very strange and we can't figure out how the chickeh manages to squeeze them out with breaking them on the way down the vent.

Good egg- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bad egg


  1. Glad the Masters got all sorted out and Wow the egg is really bazaar!

    Your Little Guy is adorable well done on the make up.

  2. Re the wedding pic, you two are stunning, and you really should stop hiding behind the trees in your header!

    Cute little guy too, and my first thought was cowboy....

    Good new on the PhD front, good on you and poop to the stupid cranky cat faced bum heads on their very wrongedy-wrongedness!!

  3. What a great turn of events on the ph.d. front!!! Great pics, thanks so much for sharing them. Your little man is adorable :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous wedding pic, Pundie. Just beautiful. Also, the little guy makes an adorable farmer/cowboy.
    Sooo glad to hear the terrible awfulness got sorted out. What a drama to deal with. Your beer o' clock sounds just like our wine thirty. ;)

  5. Hey Pretty Lady! Nice cowb...I mean farmer! ;) He's extra adorable! You and I are both on the beer kick! I never, I repeat never, drank beer until recently and I have been loooooving it. I think it's becoming more expensive than the wine though and that could be a problem. I like the good stuff! I wonder if they make the beer you showed here in the States. I 'll have to check it! Oh, and when I envision how my eggs look, I think of how the poor egg all wrinkled and weird in the picture. Weird, old eggs. Thanks for the comment on blogdiggitydog too! You're the sweetest! I'll get some pictures posted soon! Take care and enjoy your time before your swamped with all this Masters biz. Hope your momma gets some answers from her colonoscopy too. Take care!!

  6. Love good beer! Putting your favorite on my list.

    Congrats on sorting out the MS/PhD thing. I hope from here on out it's maximum exhilaration and minimum bullcrap!

  7. Good news on the PhD front. What a dramarama.

    Oh your little guy is so handsome. I see some broken hearts in his future.

    Your wedding pic is absolutely stunning!

  8. I love those pictures, Pundelina. Your big guy and little guy are both so sweet looking, and you're lovely. And you'll be lovely wearing one of those funny medieval-looking PhD hats, too:) So glad that it worked out. So glad that you called and raised the question...imagine if you'd just said, "Well that's that then." Sounds like this supervisor is entirely on board and the fact that he managed to find some cash for you now proves it. Excellent news.

    As to those eggs...weird:) Not to push everything through the lens of my own navel-gazing world, but I do wonder if that's MY problem. (Maybe your chickeh should be on wheat grass? Isn't that where the whole wheatgrass craze started? Chickens?)

  9. Beez Neez is my favourite beer - but I put a slice of lemon into the bottle - do you??

    and yah for applying and doing masters/phD.


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