Friday, October 15, 2010

PhD of crazy

Calling all academics - tell me I can manage a PhD. M'kay? I'm applying and I'm freakin' out.


  1. Absolutely! You are intelligent, disciplined, focused, and motivated - you have what it takes.

  2. Absolutely, you can! You have an authentic desire to immerse yourself in those studies, and you've got the smarts and tenacity to do it well. In my experience, the people who flame out of PhD programs are those who just sort of drifted into them because they didn't have anything better to do. But you, Dr. Kafoops, are the real deal.

    Note: If, once you're into it, you decide you don't actually want it. In that case, leaving is NOT failing.

  3. YES, you can!!! You already wrote a masters thesis, which is one step further along the path than I am. (I wrote a post about this topic a couple of weeks ago and people left all sorts of helpful comments).

    I wanted to thank you for the very kind and thoughtful comment you left on my last post. The Big Guy is very wise. When I am not having a dark moment, I do consider it in that light. I know that I will do something meaningful with my career, children or no.

    I envisage Dr Andie and Dr Pundelina sipping oh-so-expensive red wine and having all sorts of interesting conversations in a hip Melbourne laneway bar in the not too distant future.

    PS - fantastic that you have a handsome perk of good pay - in my case I would be eligible for a scholarship which would allow me to complete PhD on a very frugal budget, but certainly it could be done.Handsome $$$ = awesome.

  4. Not only do I think you can, I think you should. A brash statement for someone who doesn't know every aspect of your situation. But it strikes me that you get a lot out of this learning thing. And it likewise strikes me that you are the type of person who would have bucketloads to offer (your field, colleagues, students).

    I vote yes!

  5. You've done IVF. You can do a PhD. I've done both and I can promise you IVF is about a zillion times harder.

    The hardest thing about a PhD is motivation, but if you have a genuine interest (and the incentive of a good scholarship) that shold not be a problem.

  6. Getting my PhD was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done... I highly recommend it. Of course there will be those days when you cry because your dissertation project isn't working, etc., etc. But the daily grind is actually not so bad (I had lots of free time, actually, between spurts of working long hours), and in the end it is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Go for it.


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