Monday, February 1, 2010

The Scale of the Universe

I just love this. I am a science nerd at heart, but don't let that put you off looking at this beautiful presentation.

The size difference between us and the outer reaches of the universe is smaller than the distance between us and quantum string (the tiniest parts of matter). Amazing. Do go look at it. Do. Just use the slider bar at the bottom of the animation to go in in in or out out out.

I am so small.


  1. Try this one, fellow nerd:


  2. That is ace! Sure gives one some perspective! I like at the end, it points with an arrow at the universe but explains we are probably not at the centre of the universe. As if that little illustration we just witnessed wasn't enough to convince us!

  3. Just spent 20 minutes on the couch with my husband making the universe bigger and smaller (which, come to think of it, sounds almost like a euphemism for something...but isn't!). We loved the link and he went on to mutter things about the speed of light and the atmosphere of the earth being like an eggshell, and we are in the eggshell, and...anyway, he's the science nerd but I enjoyed the pictures:)

  4. Remember, you may be small, but you are important!



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